I’m willing to bet my last penny on the fact that you love your family. That’s a bet I’m sure to win, isn’t it? You don’t just love your family, but you are willing to fight tooth and nail to ensure nothing bad ever happens to them. That’s why you would spare no expense in ensuring that they are safe from every form of harm by purchasing home security.

Each year, there are over 2.5 million burglaries in the United States. If your family has been one of those affected, you know how harrowing and devastating such experiences can be. If not, thank your stars, but don’t bank on your luck. You would have to take strategic steps to ensure your family doesn’t become part of the 2.5 million-plus casualties.

Home security is no more a luxury for the well-heeled, but it’s a necessity for every family. While the number of families taking advantage of home security features has risen steeply over the years, there is still a yawning gap of homes that are yet to take the bull by the horns.

More often than not, such laxity is a result of a lack of information concerning home security. Here are five facts about home security that might just whip up your interest and change your perspective towards your home’s security.

Burglaries Are More Common Than You Think

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every eighteen seconds. That tallies up to 200 burglaries per hour or 4,800 per day. On a per annum basis, over 1,700,000 burglaries are recorded. Burglaries are not few and far between occurrences; they occur more often than you think. You never know when your home will be targeted.

Most Burglaries Occur During the Daytime

The movies may have given us the impression that most burglaries ensue under cover of night. However, statistics paint a different picture: most burglaries occur during the daytime – between 3:00 am, and 10:00 am.

Within these hours, most homeowners and occupants are at work or school. This is perfect for burglars, allowing them to break in with a low chance of being accosted.

A Good Number of Burglars Walk Right Through the Front Door

When you picture a burglar, you are not thinking about the guy who walks through your front door and ferments trouble. You are probably thinking about the guy who jumps a wall or sneaks through the backdoor. Burglars are not even a tad shy; 34% of all burglars enter a home through the front door.

Burglaries Are Largely Preventable

87%. That’s the percentage of burglaries that are considered preventable. It goes without saying that with a security system, a large chunk of burglaries could be hindered.

A study of convicted criminals lends credence to the fact that burglaries are largely preventable. In that study, 60% of the burglars admitted that the presence of a home security system was a deterrent to them.

Home Security Systems Are Cheaper Than You Think

If you conduct a cost-benefit analysis, you will realize that a home security system is far cheaper than you think. On the surface, it might seem like a lot of investment, but ultimately, a home security system is beneficial for you and your family. Working with a good home security vendor will give you room to choose from a range of security solutions. That said, homesecurityseek.com is an excellent place to begin your search for home security options.

For starters, you might just opt for alarm sensors on doors and windows to alert you of intruders. If your budget allows, maybe you’d prefer a cutting-edge system with add-on features like fire alarms, carbon monoxide, asset protection, access to emergency personnel, etc.

To Sum It Up

As it’s often said, expenses are better than regrets. Considering the high volume of burglaries that occur daily, don’t wait until your family experiences a home break-in to act. Take the initiative, find a good home security agency that will advise you, and provide safe home security options for you.