Today, dating apps have become an ordinary part of our lives. There is no doubt that only a few people agree to go on a date after a small talk in a bar. More and more people prefer to chat with messengers before going on a date. Although there is nothing surprising because it can be really awkward to start a conversation just on the street with a complete stranger, in the Internet world it is much easier to do this. That is why today dating apps are more relevant than ever and make dating apps trends and in this article, we are going to discuss them.

Firstly, let’s see which apps are most actively used by people for online dating, here you can learn about the characteristics of each app and choose the one that you like the most.


Perhaps your love lives next door? And you don’t have to go far to find love. Tinder is a location-based app, so every time you log in, you can see the profiles of users who are close to you.

To “sort” them, you simply swipe right on the screen to say you’re interested in the person or swipe left to forget about him/her. Then, if you have a “match” with this person, you can start a chat or even arrange a meeting.


Meetic is known as an app for those who are looking for a serious relationship. The principle is similar to Tinder because you can easily meet people who live in the same geolocation as you. However, you have a more complex profile because registration is done by answering a series of questions. After that, the application offers you the people closest to your profile and your requests. 


This app pays special attention to age and location. The user needs to upload at least 3 photos. Photos must be of good quality, where the user’s face is clearly visible. Moreover, you will need to share information about yourself, so that it would be easier for other users to get an idea about you.


Grindr is perfect for dating LGBTQ people. The user is asked to fill out a short questionnaire, after which you can select “friendship” or “romantic relationship” in the application menu. This way, on this platform you will be able to find friends.


This application stands out due to its concept. This is the place where men need to work hard to make ladies want to “put them in the basket”. To be noticed, the male sex can send “charms” only to those women who are interesting to him. The latter can evaluate men with help of the star system, as well as accept or refuse conversations. The application takes into account the following criteria: age, geolocation, professional category, appearance, and center of interest. 


A feature of this application is that only a woman can initiate a conversation, it means that you can chat with a woman only if she is interested in you. Of course, this feature was created for the safety of women, since profiles of other users from all over the world are available to you in the application. It is clear that in this situation your chances of finding the right person increase.

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There is no doubt that the success of finding a special person for you depends on the popularity of the app in your area. If the app is popular enough in your area, you can easily find the right match. Anyway, one of these apps above can help you to find true love!