No wooden structure is immune to getting damaged, especially amidst changing and harsh weather conditions and seasons. What this means is that for a wooden summerhouse to last, you will have to do timely repairs and apply regular maintenance.

Companies like Quick Garden sell the most beautiful wooden garden houses; you will want to extend the longevity of your outdoor structure and make the most from it, consider following our garden summerhouse aftercare tasks. Some of the maintenance jobs include:

1. Regular Treatment

When exposed to damp weather, if the wood is left untreated, it will absorb the water. The moisture absorbed in wood makes it susceptible to mold and rot. When it gets wet, it can expand, which increases the wooden structure’s height and size.

Even though it is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it will still result in wooden summerhouse damage. However, you can mitigate this from happening using a regular treatment. In doing so, ensure you use a wood stain or high-quality timber treatment, once per year at the very least.

What’s more, some sections are more susceptible to weather elements and therefore require to get treated often.  Consider recoating joints, overhangs, and fascia boards a couple of times to help shield them from damage.

2. Filling wood contraction

Other than expanding, the natural moisture content in the wood can make it contract.

If the wood in your summerhouse contracts, it will result in cracks, splits, and erroneous pieces, not forgetting holes where knots fall out and shrink.

A fix for this issue is using a flexible and suitable filler for closing holes and cracks. You can use another piece of wood to remove screws in affected parts as well as hammer pieces together.

To get a visual tutorial, make sure to watch our short video.

3. Roof Maintenance

Roofs of summerhouses are among the parts most affected and susceptible to damage considering the array of factors affecting them all year round. By using regular checks, you can avoid getting any damage from the roof of your structure.

Check for any splits and tears caused by bird droppings, weathering, or fallen debris. If you notice any potential damage, repair it right away. You can utilize an ideal roofing repair like felt repair adhesives, which can be found in most hardware stores.

If the damage in question is severe, you can choose tom re-felt your summerhouse roof immediately. A new covering will assist in protecting the material of the roof from damage and moisture.

4. Airing

Condensation builds up in summerhouses if they don’t come with any insulation. This results from the rise and drop in temperatures with seasonal changes. However, this can be mitigated by aerating your place during the winter months, and the temperatures shift in spring and autumn. You can do this by leaving the doors and windows open to allow the building space to breathe.

When you manage to prevent build-up, you will be restricting the moisture from getting absorbed by the timber. This will, in turn, stop mold and rot from potentially damaging the structure. You can also use moisture extractors.