Would you consider yourself a creative type? Do you enjoy gazing at amazing art installations, admiring the incredible architecture, and finding inspiration for your own creative projects by having new experiences in places you’ve never been before? If your deepest wish is to expand your consciousness by traveling through beautiful scenery and holding deep conversations with someone you’ve never met before, this guide is for you.

Traveling as a creative needs a different sort of planning. You are looking at gaining a deeper understanding of the places you visit, which goes a lot further than face value or simply the enjoyment factor. It’s also important to know that even things that may not seem super creative can be turned into art or shift your perspective, giving you a whole new creative idea. Going surfing in Bali, for example, may not seem like a getaway for a creative person, but if you spend time reflecting on it, you could learn many new things about yourself, other people, and the natural world.

When planning a creative getaway, there are a few factors or elements to keep in mind:

  1. New perspectives and a deeper understanding
  2. Mindfulness and a feeling of presence
  3. Curious & open-minded exploration 
  4. Learning and integrating new experiences or skills
  5. Sufficient rest and relaxation 

In this travel guide for creatives, we’ve listed some tips to help you plan the perfect trip.

Learn skills that are native to the area

Our number one tip for having the ultimate creative getaway is to immerse yourself and actively participate in the skills that the area you’ve chosen to travel to is known for. Learning to dance in Latin America or taking a cooking class in Italy for example. The best way to experience any culture fully is to do what the locals do.  

We would highly recommend taking classes hosted by locals. This way, you’re getting authentic information from people whose families have been perfecting those skills for centuries, but you are also supporting the local economy. Push the experience to the limits by dressing the part, practicing on your own, and reading up about the skills you’ll be learning before embarking on your trip. Even if what you choose isn’t immediately “your thing,” at least you’ll have had fun trying and possibly even have a good laugh at yourself.

Explore the depths of the ocean

If you are into more coastal destinations and are a skilled swimmer, you should book yourself into a scuba diving adventure experience. Most of the ocean is yet to be explored, and what better way to expand your ideas and find creative inspiration than to become a part of some of the earth’s best-kept underwater secrets? You’ll not only find incredible marine life and deep-sea treasures, but you’ll experience a calm and peace that is simply incomparable to any feeling of zen on land. 

Other than the main scuba attractions like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Underwater Museum in Mexico, you can visit remote locations like the Wild Coast in South Africa. Most scuba diving areas have a scuba school, like Padi, where you can get your scuba certificates. Scuba is a great way to learn breath control and deep relaxation. Add scuba to your travel itinerary. 

Train Travel guide

Travel by Train

When choosing your mode of transport while traveling, consider traveling by train. Most countries, and even continents, have intricate railway systems that connect travelers to important areas and cities. The trains chug through picturesque countryside and bustling cities. Most railways have access to views that you wouldn’t be able to see any other way.

Whether you choose to go on an extra-long train ride across countries or simply to move around a busy city, taking the train comes with many benefits for those more creatively oriented. Trains are more eco-friendly and usually the cheapest way to travel because they often take longer to reach their destinations than airplanes or cars. This extra time comes with its perks, though, as many creatives use the time to sketch, read, or soak up the passing scenery. Others use the time to form friendships with the people they are sharing the train car with, as these conversations can turn out to be some of the most enriching conversations you’ve ever had. 

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Take time to fully relax

Whether you like to be pampered in a 5-star spa, relax in the wild in nature, or slip into a steamy hot spring, finding a way to fully relax your body and mind is incredibly important to the creative process. Our best ideas often come from a place of deep relaxation because we are able to free up mental space and stop operating from a place of pure survival. Creativity comes from thriving, not just trying to get by. 

We’d recommend choosing to relax in a place that is serene and tranquil and has other benefits. Booking yourself into an African safari lodge is not only a great place to take time to relax, but it also provides the perfect environment to sketch the natural beauty and wildlife that surrounds you. You can learn about history, animals, and our planet, or you could take the day off and relax in your mosquito net-covered bed and listen to the sound of lions roaring nearby. Another option is to choose to visit a place with healing water, like the hot springs in Iceland or the Dead Sea. 

Wherever you choose to go on your creative trip, remember that it’s more about the mindset that you go with than where you go. If you are open to learning and gaining new perspectives, your trip can turn into a life-changing experience, filled with creativity and inspiration.