Casinos often get thrown into holiday itineraries, and it’s no wonder when you look at how luxurious and action-packed some of them are. You don’t just get the casino, you get the spa, the shopping mall, the restaurants, the bars, and all the local entertainment on the doorstep. You are never short of options, and it has now become a competition for developers to see who can build the biggest, best, most luxurious, and the most extravagant casino in the world. Exciting stuff, right? Such magnificent online luxury fun can be found at a reputable site like AmazonSlots. So, log in from the comfort of your own home and peruse the world-class games available online. However, all of that casino action is still waiting for you in the real world!

We have got the hottest list of the top 10 most extravagant casinos in the world right now. Get those passports ready, we’re off on a worldwide tour, and so, in no particular order, here they are:

Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is a worlds most extravagant casino

1. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

We can’t start a list like this without a Vegas casino at the top. The Bellagio is one of the most decadent and stunning casino resorts ever created. Not one of the newest, but definitely one of the most iconic. 

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino is a worlds most extravagant casino

2. The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino, China

Often dubbed as Asia’s very own Las Vegas, Macao has a huge selection of luxury casino and entertainment options. Opening in 2007, the Venetian has continued to stun guests with its architecture and claim to be the second-biggest casino worldwide. 

The Ritz Club London is considered a worlds most extravagant casino

3. The Ritz Club, London

Found in the beating heart of England’s capital is the Ritz Club. Walk the streets of the famous city as you head to Piccadilly, where only exclusive members get access to the sheer opulence and fine-dining experience that only the Ritz can deliver.  

4. Park Hyatt Mendoza, Argentina

Situated in the cultural hotspot that is Mendoza, Park Hyatt delivers a casino experience like no other with its colonial Spanish buildings and world-class customer service. Place some bets, taste the local wines, and sit down for some exquisite dinner. Sign us up! 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore, a world's most extravagant Casino today

5. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay rarely needs any introduction with people from all over the world viewing the resort as they fly into the country’s airport. All the gambling you could ever want, the famous infinity pool on the rooftop, and as much high-end entertainment you could throw a stick at. 

6. The Sun City Resort & Casino, South Africa

South Africa is miles away from any of the others on this list, but this casino is certainly worth its spot on our list. Sitting next to Rutenberg City, visitors get a real taste of South Africa with its authentic safari setting and full casino service. A real treat within a truly unique location.

7. St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino, Canada

Perhaps one of the most beautiful casinos in terms of nature and scenery, St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino sits in British Columbia, perched between the Purcell Mountains and the Rockies. Not your everyday location, oh, and the gambling options are well and truly stocked to the brim!

Wynn Macao China, a world's most extravagant Casino today

8. Wynn Macao, China

Wynn is a worldwide name when it comes to casinos, but there is none better in Asia than its casino resort in Macao. It comes with the complete Wynn experience, so expect shopping, dining, spa time, and plenty of gambling.

9. Wynn, Las Vegas

Back-to-back Wynn Casinos? Why not. Wynn deserves at least two mentions in this list, thanks to its unswerving dedication to extravagant casino experiences. The flagship property under the Wynn name continues to attract the biggest high rollers in the world.

Monte Carlo Casino, a world's most extravagant Casino today

10. Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monaco has been connected to casinos since way back when. The Monte Carlo Casino has a unique spin to it because it does not allow Monaco citizens past its doors. It’s for tourists only, but make sure to take enough money with you – Monaco is never cheap!