Embarking on a business trip in Singapore can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the city-state in the time around any business meetings or appointments. There are a plethora of exciting and delightful aspects of Singapore to discover during your leisure time here, all that matters is that you do the things that you want to do.

Gardens by the Bay. Singapore


The many attractions and sights which Singapore has to offer can make you feel as though you’ve stepped into another world. 

The Gardens by the Bay seems as though alien flora has taken root and flourished in the Singaporean climate. If you’d rather get up close with some of Singapore’s more unique districts, then a trip to Kampong Glam could be just for you. There’s something for practically everyone to enjoy in Singapore, from the refined and luxurious to the unusual and fascinating.

Luxury hotel and restaurant diners Singapore

Check out the local bars and restaurants

Some would say there’s no better way of getting to know a place than sampling the local dishes. The flavors on offer within the best restaurants in Singapore are second-to-none, with influences from neighboring countries like China and Malaysia creating some must-try dishes from Singapore.

If you’re curious about checking out the local nightlife, there are plenty of interesting bars to discover. From lively, thriving favorites to luxurious rooftop bars, you’ll find a bar in Singapore that caters to your tastes and the type of evening you’d want after a long business meeting.

Do some physical activities

For those who’d want to blow off some steam following a meeting, there are plenty of well-equipped gyms which you can get access to. Ranging from 24-hour access gyms to ones with additional facilities like a sauna, you’ll be able to find a gym in Singapore which suits your fitness plan.

Alternatively, you could lace up your running shoes and head to one of the main outdoor running routes in Singapore. This can be a more active way of taking a tour of the locale and familiarizing yourself with the relevant landmarks.

Rest and relax

Sometimes after a particularly challenging or draining business meeting, all we want is to retire to our own space. Cooking a meal and watching a movie or calling family can be soothing for the soul, with a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of the day.

You can take advantage of the many serviced apartments in Singapore, in which you can afford your own private apartment which combines luxury with the convenience of a hotel. There are plenty to be found throughout the city, so you can pick the one that puts you at the heart of where you want to stay in Singapore.

No matter what your personal preference is for post-meeting activities, you’ll find something that suits your mood in Singapore. Doing a small amount of pre-travel research can give you some great ideas of where you could go or things to do either before or after your business there has been concluded.