Hiring a big orange U-Haul truck is a statement. Many times, you are making a statement that you are moving out of an apartment or looking to upgrade your garage space for the winter. In other instances, customers want to make a quip by renting a U-Haul truck to go from one parking lot to another. 

In any case, things to keep in mind before hiring a U-Haul Truck aside from the size availability and cost are as follows:

There are Some Criteria You Must Meet Before You Can Rent One

The U-Haul rental company is one of the most reliable and dependable moving truck rental companies, but there are some criteria you must meet before you can rent one. The first thing is your age. You must be at least 16 years old to rent one. To be more specific, you must be 16 years old to rent a U-Haul trailer and 18 years old to rent a moving truck. Of course, you must have a valid driver’s license even if you meet the age requirement. Having a valid credit/debit card is an essential criterion to hire a U-Haul truck.

U-Haul Rates Aren’t All Inclusive.

The U-Haul website makes it seem simple to figure out truck rental costs. But if you are trying to determine your rental rate, a lot of U-Haul rental rates are not all-inclusive. For example, you will need to account for gas and mileage costs in addition to any other fees or parking charge struck. 

Requires Frequent Stops and Expensive Fill-ups

When you decide to hire a U-Haul truck, there are a few things that you pay very close attention to. One of the most important things to consider is how often you need to stop. You’re paying for miles, and any extra miles mean extra cost on the post rental invoice. Always account for extra miles, as they tend to add up very quickly. Just remember, your mileage is unlimited, so don’t forget about the 2 minutes you spent taking that left or right turn on your destination street. This is in addition to stopping every 300-400 miles to fill up the 30-60 gallon tank.

The Equipment is Used Frequently

The equipment at U-Haul truck rental centers is almost always used by many different people, so that it may be in urgent need of maintenance. It is extremely important to check the equipment in advance to ensure that there are no problems with the condition of the equipment in question and that you can feel comfortable with using it.

Making a Reservation Doesn’t Guarantee the Equipment Availability.

It isn’t ensured until the day preceding your plan to get the equipment. Around then, a delegate will get in touch with you to confirm the details (equipment, area, date, and pick up time), and once you concur on the particulars, the booking is considered “ensured.”

What happens if the U-Haul truck size you requested isn’t accessible? They may offer a bigger truck or propose an alternate rental area. As indicated by U-Haul, on the off chance that you’ve confirmed the subtleties of your move with a delegate, yet they’re not able to satisfy the right hardware, you’re qualified for $50 pay. 

While that can be useful, if there’s a particular truck size you require and it isn’t accessible, it could cause unforeseen issues like higher fuel expenses or driving troubles.

Driving a U-Haul Truck Can Be a Challenge

It can be a hassle to drive a U-Haul truck. The size of it can make it hard to park at times. That truck is not designed to run for an extended period. If you are moving your whole house or apartment, you may also not want to rely on public transportation in addition to the truck. It’s very helpful to have another person with you to help unload and complete the move. Also, you will need some experience driving vehicles that are larger than regular cars and light trucks.

Some Locations are Franchises

Although you can call the national corporate telephone for a quote, a booking, or to find information, each location is special. Others are solely dedicated to truck leasing, with complete fleets and storage areas, while others may hold a few trucks following another company (such as a petrol station) and may not have a comprehensive service.

Moving can be daunting—packing, unpacking, loading items into the truck, and other logistics that come with it. If you intend to DIY and not hire a moving company, you will need a moving truck from U-Haul. With all the stress of moving, you surely do not want the hassle of a moving truck added to all that, which is why you need to be aware of the things listed above before hiring a U-Haul truck.