Lifestyle essays may seem easy to write because they concentrate on the student’s private lifestyle. When it’s time to do the actual writing, the student may realize it is never easy as it may appear. Lifestyle essays are just like any other type of essay. 

The essay must follow the same style and must include a bibliography if any sources were used and an appendix if the student uses any photos, videos, or extra files. The student must also pay attention to the format. If you cannot complete your essay for one reason or the other, feel free to seek help from online writing services. Online writing services make it possible for you to order write my essay services and enjoy the perks of having proficient writers work on your paper.

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Choose your topic wisely.

There are many topics you can write about in your lifestyle. The worst mistake you can make is to write a whole mixed story about yourself. Do not make the mistake of writing about your food, pet, fitness, clothing, and the like. 

Instead, choose a specific topic and concentrate on that from the beginning to the end of your essay. For example, you can choose the topic of your physical fitness. Stick to the topic and talk about the gym, the jogs you do outdoors, hiking, walking your dog, cycling, working in the garden, and so on. You will look professional if you stay within a specific topic about your lifestyle. 

Be sincere with yourself.

Imagine your essay will be published in a famous magazine, and you want to help someone else live a better lifestyle by learning from your experience. If you don’t bring out the whole story as it ought to be, it will leave gaps that the reader can clearly point out. 

If there are some issues about your lifestyle you feel you cannot disclose in your essay, it would be better if you change the topic. Lecturers read thousands of lifestyle essays each year, and they can clearly pinpoint areas where you tried to go around a point instead of hitting the nail on the head. 

Help for essay writing

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Mind the language

The fact that you want to be sincere and open in your essay doesn’t mean using offensive languages like adult language and unacceptable words. There is always an alternative word for every offensive word. 

Your lecturers can be in the senior’s class in terms of age, and they will feel offended if you use words fit for your age mates. You need to remember you are writing an academic assignment, and it must maintain every standard of academic writing. 

Be mindful of the flow.

Like with any other essay, your lifestyle essay should have an attractive topic, an introduction, the body, and a conclusion, followed by the footnotes, appendix, and bibliography if you used any sources.  

The body should include detailed paragraphs about your lifestyle, and each paragraph should flow smoothly into the next one. Your lecturer will not just be checking your story but will also check the flow and arrangement of the paragraphs. 

Avoid long paragraphs and lengthy sentences. Punctuation should also be used correctly to avoid losing the meaning of sentences. 

Edit your essay thoroughly

You want to present your essay as your best piece of work in the academic year. Be keen on words that are usually misspelled easily. Scan your essay for grammatical errors and correct any mistakes. 

You may ask someone to help you proofread your essay before submitting it. Remember to use the correct fonts, double-space your work, and write the correct number of pages. Depending on the writing style, present your footnotes well, write the appendix and format your bibliography well. 


Lifestyle essays can be challenging, especially when a student needs to write a story about themselves. As simple or as hard as it might appear, every essay needs time to study before the student thinks about a topic. The student can look back on his or her life from childhood and develop an interesting story. The lifestyle story should not be generalized, but a specific topic should be developed from the many lifestyle experiences the student has gone through. 

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