With the first bloom of flowers comes to the dreaded spring cleaning. Your home collected dust and grime throughout winter, and it is time to give it a deep cleaning. Yet, with some preparation, you can make spring cleaning a breeze. You just need the right tools if you want to clean your whole house in no time. So, if you are interested in learning more about the things you will need for spring cleaning, check out the following list.

A Plan

No kidding, you do need a plan before you start cleaning your whole house, especially if it is big. Before you get too excited and collect your cleaning products, you need to know how you will go about cleaning your home. Do you want to clean the house all at once in one day, or do you prefer to break it into tasks over the course of a few days? Whatever your preferences might be, you should never opt for the “space cleaning” method because it wastes a lot of time and effort. Do not focus all your energy on one room before you move on to the next one. Alternatively, finish all the dusting in the house, and then move on to mopping and so on until all the rooms become spotless.

A Big Dumpster

Spring cleaning is the time where you discover all the lost items that have been strewn across your house, not to mention the useless odds and ends that you have collected throughout the year. So, you will most probably find yourself throwing away a lot of items; this is why the manufacturers at https://dumpstercompany.org/ recommend that you get a big dumpster to fit all of the trash you are going to get rid of. They point out that you need at least a 20-yard dumpster for spring cleaning, especially if you have a big basement and a sizable garage. The best part about it is you can get a company to provide you with one, and have them pick it up on a scheduled date where you can rest assured that your stuff is being disposed of properly.

A Cleaning Caddy

Isn’t it annoying when you have to run to and fro your kitchen to get the cleaning products you need? So, why go through all this hassle when you can have everything within your reach? By using a cleaning caddy, you can keep all your products organized, not to mention that it can help you carry all your products from one room to the other without worrying about tripping and spilling the contents of the various bottles you are carrying. Cleaning caddies are also super cheap, so you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get one.

An Extendable Duster

Removing all the cobwebs in those hard-to-reach corners can be a nightmare if you are short. So, instead of climbing a ladder or using furniture for a boost, you can simply buy an extendable duster. An extendable duster is not only convenient and makes cleaning easier, but you can also throw it in your washing machine whenever it gets dirty. A tip though, when shopping for an extendable duster, find one that uses microfiber cloth because it does a much better job at cleaning corners. Furthermore, the good news is that extendable dusters are as cheap as $15!

A Steam Mop

The days of having to kneel to scrub the floors are long gone. With a nifty solution like steam mops, you can say goodbye to your old ways of cleaning! Steam mops generally make cleaning dirty floors a breeze, as the steam they emit can loosen any grime that may be stuck to your floors. Go for a model that sports more than one steam level for maximum control and to be sure that you are using the right amount of steam for different floor textures.

A Robot Vacuum

This might be the most expensive cleaning gadget on our list, as it costs around $350, but before you complain about how expensive it is, a robot vacuum can cut your cleaning time in half. If you are not a fan of vacuuming, you can control your robot vacuum using a dedicated mobile application while you focus on another task like dusting. So, if you want to add a dash of convenience to your life, invest in a robot vacuum.

Without a doubt, spring cleaning is exhausting, but if you are smart about how you go about it, you can finish cleaning your house in no time. To make things easier, hire a dumpster company, a cleaning caddy, or even a futuristic robot vacuum. Also, ask your family to help you, and blast out your favorite songs for some infectious enthusiasm!