When you hear about social media marketing, first of all, you will think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. These platforms are commonly considered as the most suitable for the successful growth of your brands. But they are not the only ones where it is possible to become an influencer or promote a brand or business with stunning results. 

Many other social networks are underestimated; as a result, a place for blogging, even though they are sometimes even more popular than the mentioned four. For example, Tumblr is having around 740 million unique visitors from all over the globe. That number can outstand many platforms.

Tumblr is indeed one of the most interesting networks to choose from for work. It is a microblogging platform that puts the spotlight on sharing content. You can upload any content that you want: photos, texts, quotes, videos, or music. The most interesting feature of this network that makes Tumblr attractive for bloggers is the possibility to customize the interface of your blog in the way you like. You can change the color scheme and layout to your favor. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of growing your Tumblr: tactics, hacks, and ideas for gaining Tumblr followers and spreading the influence. 

Setting Goals

Even though Tumblr is quite different from the majority of social networks, planning, and understanding your purpose on the platform is common advice. To get the maximum from your profile, sit down, and think about it. This should be done even before you have created an account here. For instance, define your main goal, e. g. you are promoting your personal brand, business, generating traffic to the website, or gaining influence within the platform, and having that in mind, you will be able to choose the proper course for your marketing strategy. 

Another important point to think about is what type of content you want to share. As Tumblr offers an opportunity to upload any kind of it, the decision can be challenging. It doesn’t mean that you must concentrate your efforts in a single genre, but something has to dominate on your profile to make it discoverable and recognizable. 

After you sorted that out, make a schedule that secures the frequency of posting and order of uploading at least for a week. Well, for a month, it would be even better. 

Creating and Optimising The Account

So we have a goal to reach. Now it is time for actually having an account on Tumblr. 

The first step is coming up with a username. This is your representation on the platform. It has to be unique and intriguing to the viewers, or it has to give them a clue to the topic of your blog. Don’t forget to upload a nice picture as your user pic. 

Then we are moving to the customization of your blog interface. Tumblr has a grand collection of themes that can be used as layouts for your blog. Some of them are free, and some require a certain change. For enthusiasts, the platform also could create your design. The scheme of layout on Tumblr consists of such options as:

  • Title. The name of your blog that will be displayed at the top of it
  • Description. A built-in option in some themes that allows adding a short text which will be displayed in the lower part of the blog
  • Font. The name defines itself.
  • Background color. The option for changing the color of the title or links on the blog
  • Header. The image will also appear at the top of your blog. A similar one is found on Twitter. 
  • Pages. This is a unique setting that divides your content into different sections. You can categorize it the way you like it with the help of this tool. 

Customizing the theme on Tumblr is a huge step. The looks of your blog can affect your results because this platform relies on visual perception. No wonder that many artists choose it for their promotion. Try to choose something versatile, yet with the flair of your persona, so the interface would not bore you soon. 

Tip: all the changes that you apply to your theme can be checked out instantly in the right column on your screen. 

Uploading The Content

One of the best advice that could be given is to do little research before you start active posting. Look through blogs that are corresponding to your industry. You will be surprised to find a lot of strong communities on the platform. This will allow you to understand what your potential users want to see. Again, put effort into the visual representation of your content as it tends to be dominating.  

And an important aspect is adding tags to your post. That action increases your visibility in multiple times because that is how people are finding the content that is interesting to them. To see what is hot right now, use the “Trending” option on Tumblr and see what community buzzing about right now is. Also, Tumblr has developed a specific lingo that is worth knowing before you dive into the network. 

Types Of Posts Available On Tumblr

When you upload a post, you will have to choose from the types of content that can be uploaded to the platform. Let’s see what these types are and what is their specific on Tumblr. 

  • Text. This feature has no limit for characters, so this is a great option for people who love writing long-reads. This kind of post can also include images and videos. Fanfiction writers adore Tumblr for this reason too. 
  • Images. Photo posts are also incredibly popular on this network. Many artists who work in digital programs (Photoshop, Procreate) are using the platform to share their works. Photographers of different genres also love Tumblr for categorizing abilities, like tagging and pages.
  • Quote. This feature is specific to Tumblr. It allows users to highlight a particular passage in your post and show their appreciation and joy for it. 
  • Link. Works similar to quoting, and used primarily by business accounts to emphasize the link they need to promote.
  • Chat. Also, a unique feature for Tumblr. It is a simulation of real conversation between two or more people. This is a hell of help in engaging with your audience. 
  • Audio. This feature adds music or audio files to your blog. Many bloggers are using it like voice messages. 
  • Video. The classic feature that is available on the majority of platforms. 

Engagement And How To Find It

Keep in mind that Tumblr is a social platform, so you have to interact with other users to improve your results. Communication is what makes Tumblr such a strong community

First of all, you must learn that quoting and reblogging are vital parts of the platform. These actions define Tumblr. You must always be checking out new posts and collaborating with bloggers of similar niche to repost and quote them. They will do the same for you, thus enlarging your target audience. Your followers also can reblog and quote your posts; comments are also welcome. Just like on any other social network, there is a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about the contents of your post, but they enjoy adding and reading comments. 


Tumblr is a unique platform that has its community and terms of blogging. It is perfect for creative people who often have chaos in their heads and too many ideas. This network can help them to share all the stuff from their mind and to put it into a personally customized interface and categories. Also, it’s great to grow your brand and build a strong community on it.

For brands, Tumblr is also now opening as a powerful marketing place. It allows us to combine the best features from many other platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.