Want to take some inspiration from the stars with regard to your property investment prospects? Here’s a look at some interesting celebrity home investments.

Robbie Williams home.
source: The Guardian. Photograph: David Mirzoeff/PA

Swim when you’re winning

The Robbie Williams Vs. Jimmy Page pool party saga is one that has long been in the press and resides around expansion and developments in the property. Famous singer and swing king Robbie Williams purchased a £17.5 million West London mansion in 2013 and submitted plans for an underwater gym and swimming area. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, William’s neighbor, took issue with these plans, with concern for the safety of his own lavish estate.

Living in the beautiful Grade-1 listed Tower House, built-in 1781, Page was worried that the supposed subterranean splash-world will put on a dampener on his property’s value. Nevertheless, this has done little to whet the appetite of Williams, who is eager to dive right into his pool plans having emerged victorious in the dispute in December.

Simon Conwell mansion

The X Factor

Regarded as one of the most influential people in the UK, Simon Cowell seemingly has as much of a knack for finding a lucrative property as he does for finding talent. Cowell owns multiple properties in different locations: A Holland Park residence (nearby to Williams’ home) estimated at around £10 million, an £11 million home in Beverly Hills California, and even an £18 million house in Malibu if he fancies a change of scenery.

 Star-studded areas of investment

Sure, celebrities with the capital might have real estate roots in certain areas around the country, but what about areas that are famous among investors? Many memorable British celebrities’ own properties in the UK’s capital, which is understandable, but currently the property market in that area is not A-list. Stagnating house prices and dropping rental yields averages in the capital means that for many it isn’t worth the high barrier to entry in terms of cost, and for the average renter, it is also proving extremely expensive to live. It goes without saying that living in London comes with its benefits to offset the negative a little, but with northern UK cities such as Manchester and Liverpool offering a similar opportunity at a cheaper cost, the south is seemingly losing some of its star power.

Liverpool is a rising star in property investment, and with areas such as the Baltic Triangle and the picturesque waterfront set to thrive in the coming years with their numerous developments, it is one of the best chances UK investors can get for capital appreciation potential in the relatively short-term. Property investment companies such as RW invest are offering investors opportunities in these areas in order to prepare for the future of the city as it continues to grow.

Casa Sheeran. Source - metro.co.uk
Casa Sheeran. Source – Metro.co.uk. Picture: Bav Media

Castle on the Hill

Ed Sheeran might have sung years ago about picking up the pieces of a Lego house, but his current property portfolio is built on sterner foundations. Achieving massive mainstream success, his £160 million net worth has afforded him a rural empire in East Suffolk, much to the chagrin of his diminishing neighbors.

Numerous escapes including a shed-turned-pub, a haybale bordered pond/pool, and even plans for an underground cinema and music room are in full effect in the area, and Ed has also begun buying neighbors out of their properties in order to construct himself some sort of stupendous private enclave. The local village fete might be very lively, but at least you can guarantee some great live music.