The emergence of the novel coronavirus has affected us in a variety of ways. Parts of our daily routines that we once took for granted now seem like luxuries from a bygone era. For many of us, the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has facilitated the need to spend more time at home. After all, the less time we spend in public, the less likely we are to contract – or spread – the virus. Of course, this isn’t to say that being housebound is necessarily a bad thing. In addition to making a dent in our media backlogs and engaging in other at-home leisure activities, this downtime allows us to get on top of clutter. If we’re going to be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, we may as well make our living spaces as comfortable and free of clutter as possible. Anyone looking to tackle clutter head-on will be well-served by the following tips.

Rent a Storage Unit

Suppose storage space in your home runs low; renting a secure storage unit may be your best course of action. Storage units are particularly convenient for people who reside in smaller homes, apartments, and other compact living spaces. The less space you have to work with, the more essential outside solutions become. A good storage unit will ensure that you have a safe place to store any items you no longer use consistently. Additionally, since most storage facilities allow patrons 24/7 access to their respective units, you’ll be able to place new items in your unit or retrieve stored items in a simple and timely manner. People who hail from the Oil Capital of the World are sure to appreciate affordable storage units Tulsa.

Invest in Outdoor Storage Sheds

As any homeowner can attest, clutter is not exclusively an indoor problem. Bicycles, hoses, sprinklers, gardening tools, and assorted children’s toys can clutter up even the most spacious yards. If you have a fair amount of outdoor clutter on your hands, storage sheds will likely prove a worthwhile investment. While seasoned handymen may build these sheds themselves, those of us whose carpentry experience lacks is likely to have an easier time with pre-built sheds. Besides providing us with a practical storage solution for outdoor clutter, many pre-built sheds are affordable on virtually any budget. That being the case, people with copious amounts of yard-based clutter may want to consider investing in multiple sheds.

Get Your Children Involved

Every parent knows that children are among the foremost producers of clutter. Not only are their bedrooms filled with unorganized toys, books, and knickknacks, their clutter has a habit of finding its way into other areas of the home. While a certain degree of messiness is practically expected of small children, any child old enough to understand the concept of cleaning up should be expected to do their part in keeping clutter to a minimum. For example, setting limits on the number of toys children can have outside of their rooms at a given time can be a great way to minimize the living room, kitchen, and common area clutter. Requiring your kids to put away any wayward toys at the end of the day can also be a boon to your decluttering efforts.

Get Organized

Clutter is often the direct result of disorganization. Even when spending most of our time at home, many of us have too much going on to fully keep our living spaces in order. Still, in the absence of an organization, clutter is bound to rear its head. With this in mind, chart out an organization system for various items in your possession. If every type of item has a clearly designated place, staying organized and clutter-free should be well within your abilities.

Throughout the current pandemic, many of us have become better acquainted with our respective living spaces. Given how much time we now spend at home, it’s only natural that we’d want our residences to be as comfortably clutter-free as possible. While taking decisive action against the clutter in your home may seem like an uphill battle, a little bit of follow-through, and determination can take you a long way.