Golf is an incredible game of skill and form. It is unlike other types of sports that have jerseys or specialized athletic apparel. There is no strict rule on what to wear in golf, but you wouldn’t want to look like the odd one out among the other golfers. Although you have relative freedom on what to wear in golf, there is an identifiable clothing style among golfers that gives them a distinctive look. 

If you want to be confident and look good while playing, we will share some tips on how you can dress like a pro golfer.

Invest in Golf Footwear

Most players often do not pay attention to golf shoes, but footwear is essential in the sport. Golf is one of the few sports that often use spikes on their shoes but there is a current trend in using spikeless shoes. When it comes to choosing a pair of golf shoes, always prioritize comfort and functionality. Climate can be a factor when choosing between a pair of spiked or spikeless shoes. You can go for spikeless shoes if you typically play in areas with a warm climate and dry conditions. If you frequent golf courses that are most wet or muddy, a pair of spiked golf shoes will help you keep a steady footing. Make sure to maintain and clean your shoes regularly to avoid bringing a dirty pair and ruining your look. 

Wear Appropriately Sized Shirts and Trousers

Do you know of any professional golfers wearing baggy pants or shirts? Probably not. That’s because pro golfers wear the appropriate size for their shirts and pants, not to mention the right type. Professional golfers typically wear collared shirts, but turtleneck shirts are also acceptable for upper-wear variations. Most pro golfers prefer khaki pants, but other pants made with lightweight materials, such as slacks and chinos, are welcome variations. Shorts and jeans are not allowed, but some golf courses that do not have a strict dress code may allow shorts.

Make it a point to Tuck Your Shirt In

Learn from the pros when it comes to looking sleek and sharp in a game. You may have noticed how neatly their shirts are tucked in during games. You can achieve a stylish look like your favorite pro golfers by simply tucking your shirt in. Also, keep in mind that comfort plays a crucial role in how you play the entire game. A typical golf game runs for about three to four hours, and you don’t want to feel hot and sticky in the middle of the game. Choose breathable clothes, that have UV protection, and high moisture absorbance or wicking property play in maximum comfort and style.

Don’t Forget the Belt

A stylish belt can enhance your golfing look transformation. It complements your stylish, professional look by accentuating both your shirt and your pants. Make sure the belt color matches what you are wearing or has a neutral color, so as not to draw attention to your waistline.

fashion for a golfer

Getting dressed up for a golf game isn’t complicated once you know the basics. Keep comfort a top priority as it can affect your performance as the game progresses. When it comes to style, a simple, cohesive, and neat look can give you a professional look. The bottom line is to look and feel great without standing out too much.