The exterior view of your house speaks a great deal about the personality of those who live on the inside. A lot of people spend a fortune on making sure that the interior design of their house looks good, and ignore the exterior. The truth is, only a few people will ever see the inside of our house—and most times they are family and friends! The façade of your home announces to the world who you are.

Houses can be compared to rough diamonds that require a little polish to make them come out glowing. Read about how to improve your home’s facade.

Go Green

Adding fresh and green flowers is one of the most impactful ways to boost curb appeal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on growing a garden. Having said that, it is important to add that, adding some planters and window boxes is inevitable though. Use green plants and flowers to point up and frame windows entryways and walkways. Even if you don’t have space to erect a standing planter, you can hang one. A single properly arranged plant can add to your home’s facade appearance.

It goes beyond planting flowers, taking care of your lawn and keeping them green. Taking care of your lawn is a huge part of maintaining a beautiful exterior. Regular mowing the grass on your lawn and ensure you, rake off leaves and pull weeds. Ensure it is well watered to avoid brown spots.

Light Up

It’s essential to light up your façade. Your entryway should be as bright as possible. Clean off all debris and cobwebs around outdoors and watch your façade appear bright and clean. To add some additional light sources, you can hang some string lights or lanterns powered by solar to light up your walkway.

In most cases, exterior lighting differentiates between a house that looks good and an outstanding one.

A few well-positioned spotlights can change the entire look of your home. LED lights can be used to highlight feature walls. Solar-powered lamps are, however preferable for extra Eco points.


A well-painted house brings out the beauty in the house. A well-painted house can update the exterior look of your house and ultimately increase its marketability just in case you’re planning to sell the house. The choice of color is very important if you plan to sell, but you might want to stick to the existing color it was painted. Make sure your painter uses quality exterior paint that’s perfect for the climate of the house.

Houses painted in all-white look incredibly amazing, but they are now becoming the norm today. All-white houses require regular upkeep. You might need to regularly scrub down the facade monthly after the heavy rain.

Remember to paint the front door in a matching shade or mix complimenting color.

Modern entrance apartment doorDoor

Erecting a beautiful door of a different style can make a huge impact on your home. Go for a new door that has glass in it — the glass helps to lighten up a busy facade. Try to go for a door that perfectly matches the architectural design and style of your house. The good thing is some of them are very cheap, durable and adorable to the eyes.


Just like the driveway, the roof is always overlooked by many, when it looks pretty good, it won’t be noticed — but the moment it goes wrong, it gets very wrong. Consult a color expert or a designer whenever you want to make a decision.

Fence and gate

If privacy is high on your list, then you must consider building a fence and gate installed at your house. These will address your privacy concerns and add style and beauty to your house. Ensure the fence and gate go well with the design of your house so it won’t seem tacky.

Keep gutters clean

Keep your gutters clean inside and out, clear out all the debris and scrub the outsiders until they look clean and good. A little effort to keep the gutters clean will go a long way in beautifying your façade.

If you don’t want to spend too much on updating your home’s facade, try out some easy upgrades such as installing new looking window boxes and filling them with fresh green flowers. Make sure you trim the plants in front of the facade to enhance its look. Other easy fixes could include cleaning brickwork, adding new stone planters, painting railings, and installing lighting features. Investing in maintaining the exterior of your home can help you protect the value and promote its curb appeal.