Besides improving aesthetics and comfort, upgrading your car’s look can increase its resale value. If you are dissatisfied with your car’s current appearance and feel, giving it a revamp can help you fulfill that dream. However, you’ll have to invest a substantial amount of money depending on your vehicle’s condition. Below, we discuss a few tips for making your car look expensive.

1. Leverage LED interior car lighting

Interior car lighting adds personality, utility, and color to your vehicle. Experts like XK Glow provide interior light kits depending on your car’s make and model. You can even set the lights to pulsate in synchronization with the music playing in your car. Switching to LED interior car lighting ensures brighter lighting and energy efficiency. It’s affordable and has a longer lifespan than conventional lighting.

2. Add window tint

Car tints enhance safety and comfort. However, you should stick to the window tint laws to avoid legal issues. Getting your car windows tinted can protect your seats from being discolored by the sun’s rays. It also protects you from UV radiation and reduces glare.

3. Invest in seat covers

Getting seat covers can be useful if you don’t have the budget to fit in new seats to enhance your car’s interior. They’re an affordable alternative to revamp your car seats’ look and feel. Consider having your seat covers upholstered and covered in leather for a premium look. 

4. Wax your car

Car waxing fills in its imperfections to give it a glossy finish. Waxing your car regularly helps it maintain its new look, increasing its resale value. It helps keep your car cleaner for longer, eases cleaning, protects against sun damage, and retains its paint. It also protects against scratches and dust and shields the clear coat, preventing bird droppings, tree sap, and other contaminants from sticking onto your car’s surface.

5. Get new custom wheels fitted

Getting new custom wheels and rims is a great way to give your vehicle an updated, personalized look. Fitted tires increase your car’s traction on the road, improving handling and stopping power. This makes your ride safer and more secure. 

6. Add a steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers improve your car’s interior aesthetics. They come in various designs and materials, including carbon fiber and leather. You can pick themes and colors that complement your vehicle’s features, including covers that glow in the dark. Steering wheel covers also reduce grip fatigue and protect the original material from deteriorating.

7. Wrap your car

Wrapping involves fully or partially covering your car with decal or vinyl to customize its look. Vinyl wrapping allows you to change your car’s look with a new design, color, or texture, including gloss or matte. Car wrapping is an excellent way to upgrade your vehicle because it offers you multiple options that can’t be replicated using traditional resprays. It’s also an affordable customization option that protects your vehicle’s paint from wear and tear, scratches, and UV damage. 


The upgrades you make to improve your car depend on how much you’re willing to spend. Implementing these tips will make your vehicle look expensive.