According to Feng Shui, mirrors have lots of distinctive abilities. Mirrors are believed to have the ability to expand the energy of a space. It can register incoming energy and also disburse this to its surroundings. It is not the mirror itself with all these powers, but how the mirrors are placed can determine how this affects the energy of the environment positively or negatively.

This power of the mirror makes it a tool that attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Things To Consider

Before hanging a mirror on the wall, you should know:

  • Some mirrors are meant to be leaned against the walls and not hanged. For such wall mirrors, you can find them noted on the back.
  • Not all mirrors should be hung on an imaginary straight line; a tilt is an excellent way to make the mirror show more of the room.
  • For safety, ensure that the hooks on the mirror’s back have respective hooks on the wall.
  • Ideal Height for Hanging:

If you are hanging your wall mirror above furniture, how tall the furniture is will determine how high the mirror is placed. There should be at least four to six-inch space between the bottom frame of the mirror and the furniture. This prevents the mirror from towering over the furniture and produces a visual break.

  • Width is Important:

Also, for placing mirrors above items and furniture, make sure there is two-thirds or three-quarters of the item’s width it will be placed above. If you want it to be wider, do not exceed the width size of the furniture below the point it helps to create visual balance.

Things To Do


Do not be afraid to use large mirrors in the home. Using big mirrors in tiny rooms produces a vision of depth. A big mirror above a dining room table is an excellent way to use big mirrors. In Feng Shui, it is even better when the wall mirror reflects the dining table itself as this is considered a symbol of food abundance and an invitation to prosperity.

Making the mirror a focal point


When placing mirrors in a room, make it the center of attraction; this makes the room visually appealing to the eyes. You can put them above dressers, fireplaces, above beds, and even above the dining table. It is a good way of adding light, shine, and glamor to a room.

wall mirror


wall mirror
We understand that everyone has a distinct style, at Fab Glass and Mirrors, be sure that there are lots of options to suit your decorating taste. If you are going for a modern look, let your mirrors reflect this as well. A sleek frame or metal design would be a good choice for a modern look rather than a wood frame.

Things To Avoid
things to avoid for wall mirror


wall mirrors

Do not place mirrors in the home just because you feel like it or because you want to cover every wall with one. There should be a plan such that there is a pattern or style you are following.

It might look good to hang a wall mirror in an empty wall space, but if it is reflecting something random, then you should not. Mirrors should be used in a creative way to improve the aesthetics of a room, and whatever a mirror is reflecting should be pleasing to the eyes.

wall mirrors


A good decorating technique for using mirrors is to create a backsplash, especially in the kitchen. Also, the bathroom, it’s an important part of grooming.

As much as this is encouraged, mirrors should not be placed in places where they are exposed to high moisture levels. This can lead to the appearance of a black spot on the front of the mirror.

High levels of moisture can also cause stains to develop on the back of the mirror and the wall’s surface.

If you will be placing one in the kitchen and bathroom mirrors, put it away from steam and high moisture levels.

wall mirrors


When mirrors in a room are more than two, it can lead to discomfort when people come into the room. Mirrors create a feeling of a larger room, but using more than two won’t increase the room size.

Positive and Negative Effects

In Feng shui, the way a wall mirror is placed can bring about positive effects or negative effects.

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For positive effects:

  • Mirrors should be placed on the North or East side of the room.
  • Mirrors should be kept clean regularly.
  • Place a mirror across the window to reflect the landscape outside. This reflects harmony and positive energy into the home.
  • Place mirrors near narrow spaces.
  • Hang mirrors flat on the wall, make sure they do not lean out.
  • Hang mirrors in the dining room and make sure the dining table is part of the reflection. This is considered a symbol of food abundance.
  • Hang or place mirrors where they can reflect clear pictures of items in front of them or people in front of them.

To avoid negative effects:

  • Mirrors without frames should be avoided.
  • In the kitchen, do not place mirrors where they can reflect the stove or burner.
  • Do not place mirrors behind the bed; it’s better to place them above the bed.
  • Make sure the mirrors in the bedroom are not reflecting the bed directly.
  • Avoid placing your mirrors where they reflect dustbins, clutter, sharp corners of furniture, and other things that give off negative vibes.
  • Avoid broken, unusable, rusted mirrors in the home. Once a mirror gets broken, take it down.

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How to Hang Mirrors on the Wall to Make the Room Look Bigger

  • Place mirrors adjacent to a window to capture natural light perfectly and reflect this around the room.
  • Use mirrors with textured frames; this acts as a statement piece in any room.
  • Use a mirror to dress a mantel shelf. Remember to make sure the mirror is not wider than the mantel and that it should be hung at least four inches away from the mantel.
  • Hang the mirrors such that they do not touch the ceilings.
  • Use a big mirror to increase the room ambiance.

At Fab Glass and Mirrors, we not only want you to place your mirrors the right way, but we also want it to impact the energy in your environment positively.