Spring shotguns are the most popular airsoft shotguns and for good reason. They are incredibly cheap, easy to use, powerful, and reliable. The main problem with shotguns, however, is that they can only hold so much air before they either break down or jam. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re playing a game where your success relies on hitting things quickly and reliably.

Spring shotguns, like the gas-powered variants, work with the same mechanics that allow them to cycle rapidly, and feature a trigger mechanism. The difference is that instead of using BBs, they use specially designed pellets (also known as shotshells). Spring shotguns work much more rapidly than their gas-powered cousins, making them very popular among airsoft gun owners. However, this also means that the spring needed to propel the shot (also called energy) is compressed, meaning that accuracy is greatly decreased. This is one reason that it is common for airsoft pistol owners to switch to spring-powered shotguns once they feel that their pistol is satisfactory enough for combat situations.

Gas-powered airsoft shotguns are probably the most reliable form of airsoft weaponry, although many people choose to use non-magical versions. The most popular airsoft shotguns are probably going to have a lot of extra features such as the capacity to slam full-power pellets downrange at incredible velocities. However, these models are generally more expensive than the others, and so some players may be hesitant to invest in them. Thankfully, gas-powered shotguns are extremely reliable and affordable, making them ideal for both experienced and new airsoft shotguns players.

  • A gas-powered shotgun has a number of advantages over its non-powered counterparts, and this makes it one of the most popular types for both new and experienced airsoft rifle users. Gas shotguns don’t have to be cocked manually when using them, meaning you can fire them without feeling the need to cocking the actual weapon. This is a huge advantage because it means you can hit a target without waiting for the gun to get to full power, allowing you to instantly get the results you want.
  • One of the main pros of gas guns is that they tend to be much more durable than other types. Due to the fact that they are powered by gasses, there is not too much compression of the gas, so the gun shouldn’t be too weak in the chamber. A powerful gun will be made of steel or metal, rather than plastic. For this reason, these guns can typically last longer than non-powered ones, even when using standard upgrades. A short overview of the pros and cons of these pros includes the fact that these weapons are generally more reliable, because of the material they are made of; they are also generally easier to use, because of the shorter charging time.
  • Gas-powered shotguns can be roughly as effective at their DPS (damage per second) as the exchanged shot from a standard airsoft shotgun, but with a few notable exceptions. The most notable exception to this is when you’re using an airsoft shotgun with an extended barrel. Any additional barrels will not increase DPS, but the low rate of fire from these guns may make using the extra ones unnecessarily.
  • A notable feature of the gas-powered Marui is that it is equipped with a bullpup-style hop-up. This type of hop-up differs from typical hop-ups found on automatic rifles by allowing the user to adjust the hop-up for an increased level of shooting accuracy, giving the user a distinct advantage in close-quarter combat situations. A bullpup-style hop-up is especially useful when the user is firing from a prone position since it allows the user to fire with a consistent burst from a standing position. Because of the bullpup design, it can be manually adjusted for distance and accuracy out in the open, making it a popular choice for many airsoft players.
  • Gas-powered shotguns can be purchased with a pump, as well. One of the most popular pump models is the slam pump, which operates with the same type of pressure and airflow that a regular BB pump operates with. These models are more reliable than other types of gas shotguns, but they tend to shoot slower than regular BB pump models. These are typically used in close-quarter battle situations, where accuracy is still a must, but the need for speed is negated by a longer range. Slam pumps can also be used with airsoft pistols, although these devices cannot be used in double-action situations. These pumps are not recommended for use with pistols unless you are experienced with the weapon and comfortable using it with your gun.

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