How can you create a tidy home if you see nothing but clutter? It’s not easy, let me tell you that.

To start with, consider the Marie Kondo philosophy of tidying up, which is to get rid of belongings that do not spark joy in your home or life.

It is a tough challenge and will require a lot of patience!

This tidying hack can also maximize spaces in your home, which allows you to start the home decluttering craze formally.

Whether you are following the Marie Kondo principle or just trying to get rid of the clutter, the only aim here is to make your home as tidy as it can be!

Read on, and I’ll share some tips on how you can create a tidy home!

First, you need a home tidying blueprint.

Start by creating a detailed plan on how to create and achieve a tidy home.

It includes taking notes, deciding for the best way to get rid of the clutter, and finding storage for the remaining stuff.

You should also include the cleaning tools and supplies that you will need throughout the cleaning process.

The home tidying up plan gives you an idea of how to get started and address the clutter issues that make your home less tidy.

Clean as you go.

Clean as you go is a daily habit that you need to follow to avoid the mess in your house.

I know this is not a one-person thing, get the whole family involved, and make them realize the importance of tidying up and decluttering.

Wipe down spills, food crumbs, and surfaces in the house. Do not wait for the dirt to build up. The clean as you go method will allow you to avoid spending too much time cleaning.

If everyone in your home follows this policy or if cleaning became a part of the daily routine, there is no doubt the entire house will look fresh, clean, and tidy all the time.


Less stuff, less dirt, right? Let go of things that you do not need. Make space a priority.

Besides, one of the conditions of creating a tidy home is getting rid of things to free up space.

Donate your things to those in need instead of finding storage. Even the most luxurious of lifestyles requires a bit of goodwill.


I know what you’re thinking…

It is hard to dispose of things with sentimental value. However, you need to let it go to move on and maintain a healthy living environment.

Focus on cleaning the high traffic areas.

The kitchen, toilet, and entrances are the areas with the highest foot traffic in your home; as a result, the daily cleaning. Focus on cleaning high traffic areas to avoid spreading the spread and build-up of dirt and grime over time.

Door rugs and a spot for shoes should be present on entrances to remind everyone to wipe their feet before entering.

The kitchen surfaces, cabinet doors, and most appliances should be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt build-up.

Lastly, give the floor a quick five-minute vacuum daily! Your floors will thank me for it.

Place things in their designated spaces.

Put things in their designated places. Do not leave dirty laundry and toys scattered on the floor. Create a mental note to always put things back where they belong.

Train everyone in your household to leave things in their designated places.

You may consider adding storage spaces if you have more stuff. Keep in mind that adding storage spaces isn’t recommended as it keeps you acquiring new things.

Your home will look tidier if items are in order and put in their respective places all of the time.

Do not build storage… unless needed!

Storage cabinets are great as you get to keep your things securely. However, there is a downside. You will keep adding more stuff to your collection, which can result in unnecessary clutter.

On the flip side, if you only store a limited capacity of items, there will be more space and less clutter.

Moreover, there are also smart storage ideas that you should try to organize your home better, such as clever storage on the hallway, stair storage, and other built-in storage.

Think about it:

The less you own, the less storage you’ll need.

Consult a professional.

Creating a tidy home does not happen in one sitting. It involves creating a plan, putting it into action, and making sure that it’s working fully.

It is not a one-person task. Everyone in the family should be involved to make it worthwhile.

You will need patience and encouragement!

If you want to achieve the tidiest home ever, talking to a professional is the key!

Professional cleaners and organizes can help you achieve a clean and tidy home to your standard. Plus,  you will be privy to their method, teach a man to fish as they say.

Are you up for the tidy home craze? Get started today.