Valorant is the most triumphant tactical first-person shooting game. It has a ranked system that comprises different tiers. Therefore, to rank up in the game, our beginner’s guide may be what you are looking for.

When you enter Valorant’s competitive mode, you have to play five placement matches before getting a rank. Then, based on the total rounds you win and the KDA, your placement gets decided.  To keep climbing the rank ladder, you will have to use your abilities tactically, assist allies, and get kills. To help you not lose matches owing to bad performances, we have the ten most essential valorant hacks. Let us jump right into the tips straight away.

Don’t you ever give up!

Say you are 0-5 in the Valorant game and there are constant attacks. Hell is breaking loose. Things are going downward. You need to stop, brace yourself, and motivate your team. Do not ever give up.

We all have played countless games where we may have lost a few rounds, but we suddenly got back from the losing side. And we managed to obliterate our enemies. Thus, giving up is not an option.

If it isn’t smashed, resist fixing it

We are referring to strategies here. If your team’s plan is going great, do not try to secure it, especially if it is not broken. That is because learning a new plan will take many rounds, And while we could have easily won with the one functional strategy, we do not want to lose time trying to learn a new one.

Thus, let your good team adapt to the working strategy, and you will win the game before you even know it.

Buy placement boosting for Valorant

If you are pressed for time to do the placements or do not want to risk it, we have got you. There is a Valorant placement match boosting service where you can buy placements. Get hold of this service to win more games.

Since these placements come with a guarantee of win rate, they will be worth the investment you make in them.

A bad day calls for a good break

This tip may be a no-brainer, but we feel it is important to reiterate that it is normal to have a bad streak. If you are experiencing negative emotions or having a terrible day, pull the plug. Take a stroll, eat healthily, take the much-needed break, and restart later.

Trust us when we say that your rankings will thank you, especially the placement score. Remember, you have five games only.

Find your teammates

If there are no friends on your side who are good enough to play with, find teammates from solo matches. A reliable teammate will help you climb up the ranks. Thus, do not be shy and find your mate to apply all your strategies together. It is a win-win situation to get a teammate as you can work together in synergy.

Use the voice chat

In Valorant, voice chat is too crucial to ignore. It plays a significant role in calling out strategies, enemy positions, rotations, and various other things. Nobody cares how you sound. If your input can help, and it will, you need to put across your thoughts.

However, keep your information precise, clear, and short, and do not clog the in-game sounds with monologues.

Be supportive and pleasant

To win Valorant placements, be supportive and friendly. If your team tilts or you tilt, the last thing anyone wants is negativity. To suppress your negative emotions, be nice, start leading and motivating your team.

You can get furious after the game ends. But since there is only one shot at a placement, do not ruin that chance by arguing with strangers.

Avoid playing weekends and late nights

We strongly suggest not playing on weekends and late nights because we do not want you to get tilted or tired. Furthermore, playing at night after a whole day at a job means you will have bad reflexes and worse aims.

Warm-up every time!

You may have seen players warm up before they kick the football in a soccer game. In Valorant, you need to do the same. Do not play cold, and spend 5-10 minutes before you play a ranked match.

Resist being an OTP (one-trick-pony)

Play with at least 3-4 agents. Do not be a one-trick-pony who plays a single agent only. That is because, while this agent may be outstanding, if he gets picked, he becomes futile.


Stay positive and never give up. As we said earlier, an optimistic attitude helps the team shape momentum. If you have any other additional tips, do share them with us in the comments below.