If you’re going to sit on a chair for a while to work or do any activity, you don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in a bus or an economy seat on a plane. Ergonomics are very important for your health and mental capacity during work. Cheap chairs are never a good idea for someone who wants to take their work seriously. When the chair you’re sitting on isn’t comfortable and supportive, your first instinct will be to reduce the time you sit on it, potentially affecting your capability to work or reduce the fun you get out of an intense gaming session. Naturally, the market is full of all different types of chairs. 

To help you avoid getting overwhelmed, we’ve selected the top 4 ergonomic chairs money can buy.

1. Herman Miller Aeron

With most people working from home for long hours, a chair that allows you to complete tasks without fidgeting is a godsend. The Herman Miller Aeron is amongst the best ergonomic chairs money can buy, but it’s worth mentioning that the Aeron is slightly on the pricey side. With a mesh back, a solid base, and multiple sizes, it’s easy to find an Aeron that won’t keep you comfortable all day. Almost everything in this chair is adjustable, including handlebars, seat angle, height, tilt angle, and even the lumbar. It’s not surprising to find out that the materials used are the crème de la crème of premium materials with a price like that. This chair can last you years of heavy-duty work, making it worth the investment. The Aeron’s neutral posture is optimum for sitting properly, having the knees slightly higher than your hips.

2. Secretlab Titan

Gaming chairs are known for their ability to take on punishment like no other chair. And among the best of the best comes the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series. It comes with customizable finishes that you can choose from; Softweave fabric or Prime leather. Very few chairs match the height adjustment range, and it can be smoothly adjusted without worrying about pressure. The lumbar support is adjustable, allowing you to recline or sit straight with the best ergonomic setup. As mentioned by ChairsFX, a tall padded backrest ensures full-body support in many sitting positions. The neck pillow is quite inviting for you to place your head thanks to its inviting cooling memory foam. There are 4 different directions that the armrests can be adjusted to, adding more comfort to the deeply reclining positions. Whether you’re gaming for an hour or 6, there is no need to worry about staying comfortable as long as you’re sitting on the Secretlab Titan.

3. Cougar Argo

Gaming chairs are known for their flashiness, whether through neon lights or racing stripe patterns, but physical support should always be the priority. The Cougar Argo may look simple in design, but it’s among the best ergonomic chairs you can buy. Whether you’re using it for work or gaming, you can rest assured that it will provide you with many adjustable features that will help you fend off strain injuries and pain. The armrests use 3D adjustable technology to transition to the desk or console’s direction easily. The backrest is isolated from the headrest and lumbar support, which allows you to tweak each one individually without compromising. The seating position can be adjusted forward and backward, so you don’t have to strain your arms or legs.

4. Humanscale Freedom

The Humanscale Freedom chair has scored its place as one of the highest-ranked chairs within the gaming community. The chair earned its place due to comfort, economics, and its high unparalleled quality. When it comes to design and style, the Humanscale Freedom chair wasn’t designed to impress. It falls more on the “less is more” spectrum. However, the chair has built an excellent reputation in ergonomic seating due to its high performance. It’s comfortable, supportive, and environmentally sustainable. Overall, this chair deserves at least an 8 out of 10 for its unique craftsmanship and flexible adjustability, making it more likely to provide supreme comfort and support.

It’s not uncommon for people to leave picking a chair for their setup at the end. Avoid making this mistake and ensure that your budget allows you to get the most ergonomic chair for your body if you want to avoid strains and injuries. There are many gaming and office chairs out there, but the 4 we picked are all perfect choices for most of your needs. It’s always a good idea to take breaks no matter how comfortable the chair is to avoid straining your eyes and muscles.