Seeing your friends after a long while is one for the books. Memories will come rushing in. Before you know it, here are the both of you, laughing just like the old days. Moments like these are priceless.

After a long time, spending time with them is a must. You can also take time planning to spend time with your best friends in the comfort of your home. As long as it won’t bore the both of you, it’s fine. However, there are many places you can enjoy. From parks to nightclubs, the possibilities are endless.

We won’t give you the burden to check the internet and waste time. We curated the best places you can find anywhere. Check these top five places to spend time with your best friend:

Playing Online Games

If you and your friend are still not fond of partying outside, both of you can cozy up with one another and play online games. For instance, playing games like solitaire and bingo applications on your smartphone can light up the mood. For online bingo, you can use 888 Bingo promo code to get some credits for yourself.

Hot Springs or Beauty Spas

Working all the time can make your body long for a resting period. Beauty spas or hot springs can be the best places to go to if you’re looking forward to unwinding. Relaxing with your best bud would make both of your experiences unforgettable. You may opt to do premium facial scrubs, back massages, and manicures to refresh yourselves. On top of that, drinking herbal teas will be the cherry on top.


Crying or laughing at a feel-good movie might be something that you’re needing the most. Try searching for films that will surely sweep the both of you off your feet. Before going to cinemas, buy popcorns and soda drinks too, to further enjoy the experience.

Shopping Malls or Fashion Boutiques

Want to twin it out with your best friend? Try shopping for identical clothes in different shopping boutiques and try styling the other. It’s a worthwhile thing to do, especially with your best buddy. You can also buy shoes and handbags to compliment the clothes you bought. Retail therapy is worth considering.

Have you gotten excited about spending time with your best friend after checking the list? Why not plan your next meetup at this moment? Admittedly, these places will be added to your bucket list to get some credits for yourself. With this, you can spend less while having fun.