As soon as you kickstart your wedding festivities, you start to feel the jitters and the pressure that comes with all the preparation. There have to be so many things that need to be taken care of, from designing the wedding invites to choosing the right kind of caterers for the wedding. Sending out the save the date wedding cards sparks news of the upcoming wedding and hints at how the wedding will be.

Every one of your family members and friends looks up to the point where they can get a hint about the wedding theme, and here they are getting a peek into the most awaited moment. You can lay the foundation of the wedding invitations with the save the dates by choosing the same theme. 

The process of choosing the suitable theme: 

  • Many people opt for pre-made save-the-date templates, while others take this process personally and work on it to create the perfect card for their loved ones. 
  • Everything that is made from your own hand eventually adds more sentimental value to it. Choosing the correct type of paper to go back and forth between the color palettes and save the dates can be one messy project.  

Top 5 styles for saving the dates

There is nothing that isn’t available on the internet for people to choose from. While you might be seeking inspiration for your save the dates in the deepest corners of your mind, you can get brilliant ideas online just with the help of one click. Specialists in the industry have given their opinion about the latest trends, and magazines have listed the top designs for people to choose from. Here are some elegant save the date ideas for you: 

    • Polaroid photo save-the-date postcard: Polaroids are generally known to hold sentimental value as they can be kept safe for longer. Choosing a polaroid postcard theme will give a hint of elegance and simplicity that you want your guests to feel through the card.
    • Minted leaves and rust: Apart from the bright colors that everyone likes to spread around their canvas. You can make your save-the-date cards stand out by going with a rustic charm theme.
    • Country road vibes: If your heart is buried somewhere in the countryside, you can choose flowers and greens to be painted on your card to make it look like a lovely garden party
    • Vintage postcard: If you are planning your wedding at the side of a beach while burying your feet in the sand, a vintage postcard has to be your ideal pick. 
  • Towel save the dates: This trend might seem a little bizarre to you, but while many of these cards end up in the trash can, this towel will not because it is made of fine material and is a little heavy on the pocket. Whoever will receive it will know how to take good care of it.

Choosing the right kind of save-the-date card for your wedding can be a tough decision to make. You must ensure that you have surfed the internet enough to know what is trending and what will make your cards look nice. It is always better to have many ideas than to have none.