Bingo is a simple but entertaining game that appeals to all manner of people including students, parents, and pensioners. It was once seen as a game of the working classes, being played in large halls and working for men’s clubs across the UK, but now it has worldwide appeal, largely thanks to the proliferation of online bingo sites like Costa Bingo Online – Your funshine destination.

Why is Bingo so Popular?

Many factors contribute to the popularity of bingo. 

The game of bingo has been around for centuries, evolving from parlor games played in Italy, France, and the UK. Eventually, it evolved into the game we all know and love today. A big part of bingo’s appeal is how easy the game is to learn, meaning that anybody who fancies playing can give it a go. All you need to do is listen to the numbers given by the bingo caller – who draws them randomly from a large machine – and cross off any matching values on your personal bingo card. The first person to fill their card wins!

Because bingo is a game of luck rather than skill, it means that anybody can win and everyone in a game has the same chance. This is another reason it is so appealing. It’s also incredibly fun to play, especially in a bingo hall where the excitement is palpable. Online bingo sites have been working hard to make their games just as exciting, with dramatic sound effects and music. You can feel the excitement building the longer each game lasts, as more and more of your numbers get crossed off the card and you get closer to the prize.

Celebrity Bingo Fans

Anyone over the age of 18 can join and play bingo online, meaning that those who would struggle to get to a bingo night are now able to enjoy these fun games. But this has also meant that celebrity bingo fans are able to get their fix because they can play anonymously behind an unknown username. Celebrity bingo fans come in all shapes and sizes and a fair few of these will surprise you.

Robbie Williams

Growing up in Stoke on Trent, bingo night was always part of Robbie’s childhood. He hasn’t lost his passion for the game after hitting the big time and reportedly hosts celebrity-filled bingo parties for his friends at home. But Robbie is also well known for using his hobby as a way to help others and is a regular fixture at charity bingo games in his new home in Los Angeles. He usually brings a few famous friends too, meaning there’s plenty of money hitting the tables and going towards a good cause.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon has never been shy about her love of bingo and often proclaims herself to be one of the world’s biggest bingo enthusiasts. Online bingo is one of her favorite ways to relax at the end of a day and fits perfectly into her jet-set lifestyle as she can play wherever she goes. Sharon even has her own online bingo website – she’s that big a fan!

Kate Moss

Kate Moss was one of the biggest celebrities in the 90s/00s thanks to her global modeling career. But once she swapped the runway for quieter family life, regular Saturday night bingo games with her kids became the highlight of her week. She might have split from her ex Jamie Hince, but he didn’t get bingo in the divorce and Kate still plays with celebrity friends like Sadie Frost.

Cristiano Ronaldo

When the superstar footballer first moved to Manchester he was given a bingo DVD to help improve his English and he developed a love for the typically English game. He has described it as ‘very exciting’ in interviews with Portuguese newspapers, letting everyone know that he still enjoys the game now. Whether he plays online or shares his hobby with his growing family, there’s no doubt that Ronaldo finds bingo balls as exciting as footballs.

Russell Crowe

Back in his native Australia, Russell used to work as a bingo caller while waiting for his big break into the acting world. We can just imagine him shouting the numbers in his trademark gruff voice – however his bingo career wasn’t to be as he was let go for making up some rather risqué names for the bingo balls! Clearly ‘legs eleven’ and ‘two fat ladies’ weren’t interesting enough for the Gladiator star. He’s been spotted taking his wife to bingo halls though, so he clearly didn’t hold it against the game and still enjoys playing.

Prince William

When the young Prince was stationed at Sandhurst Military Academy, he would visit the local bingo hall with his fellow cadets as a way to relax and unwind after training. Apparently, he used the alias ‘William Harry’ on his membership card to try and stay anonymous, but there’s no mistaking his trademark grin so he couldn’t hide for long.

In Summary

Bingo really is a game for everyone and the invention of online bingo has made it even easier for anyone who wants to play to find a game. Next time you play a card, who knows, you might even be up against a famous face or two.