Man is a social animal and feels bore when alone for long. Everyone likes to share his joys and sorrows with his significant other. Love is a divine passion that can never be denied. Let aside humans; it appeals even to animals. All this fits well only if your partner possesses certain personal qualities to make this blessed and beloved relationship even charming. Here, we have discussed the top five qualities one loves to see in one’s partner.

1. He/she must be mature

You fall in love is still a mystery, but why you stay in love is not that mysterious. One of the most influential qualities is being mature enough to understand what a real and long-lasting bond is and how to proceed. Maturity is not that you stop acting like a kid and start behaving like a grown-up. It is there when you start protecting your relationship from anything negative connected either to your past or present. Your cherishing your love bond with your conscious efforts proves your maturity as a good matchmaker. A nice and loving partner always possesses this quality, and the two develop a long-lasting relationship together.  

2. He/she must be sincere and honest

Honesty and sincerity go a long way towards building up and keeping a strong and durable relationship intact with your partner. None can be perfect, but all can be honest and sincere in their closest relations and dealings. Honesty and sincerity build up trust between the partners. Both remain confident of each other and find themselves sacrificing for the mutual bond to get even stronger. Dishonesty and insincerity, on the other hand, spoil the trust and dissolve the love bond altogether.    

3. He must be respectful 

Respecting your partner’s emotions, feelings, needs, desires, likes, and dislikes always strengthens your long-lasting union. Everyone has some personal habits and limits and wants to live with them peacefully. If someone respects those habits and limits, he/she is most welcome, and the journey of life can be traversed with perfect peace of mind. Recognizing personal boundaries enables you to give equal space to your partner’s natural requirements as a human being. So, a loving partner always has this kind gesture of love for his/her significant other. 

4. He must be open and vulnerable

Being open and vulnerable to your partner contributes to the development of your mutual relationship. Like perfect people, there are also no perfect unions. The more you are open and undefended, the more comfortable your partner feels while talking with you, even about an area lacking in your mutual bond. So, having some open and vulnerable person as your life partner is a real asset.

5. He must have a good sense of humor

There do arise tense moments in a relationship. A good sense of humor definitely eases such moments and solidifies the noble bond. It can be a lifesaver in your long-lasting relationship. Seeing the funny side of things and mentioning them in your normal talk makes you loveable to your partner. Jolly and playful partners often defuse tense situations with their sense of humor.