Are you a new homeowner looking to make updates before moving in? Maybe you’ve lived in your home for a while and are finally ready to do renovations.

Many of us dream of doing major renovations to our homes. Whatever the reason, the right renovations can do so much to make our homes more functional and add value. But which home improvement projects can do the most to add value? This post will explore some of the top choices.

Room Additions

Many homeowners want to add rooms to their homes. It could be for a growing family that needs more room for children. Some homeowners might want to add a specialized space for various reasons. An addition can also allow you to stay in your current home instead of having to move to get more indoor space. Regardless, a good room addition offers a lot of value.

According to, a company that does room additions in Chicago, “There aren’t many home projects that can have a comparable impact to a home addition. Along with adding a lot of value, you get the luxury of more usable space. However, these are projects that require careful planning and skill. You want your addition to integrate seamlessly with the existing structure both functionally and aesthetically.”

Outdoor Living Features

Having a big yard is a good feature for a home. However, you can make that outdoor space more valuable with various upgrades. Something as simple as a deck or patio can do a lot to add value and make the outdoor space more usable. Various outdoor structures can also offer valuable upgrades for the backyard. Consider things like pergolas and gazebos to make the yard more functional and attractive. Full outdoor kitchens and dining areas are also growing in popularity.

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen renovations are another option for adding significant value to your house. A kitchen can be one of the key drivers when it comes to selling a home. Even if you aren’t selling, updating the style or design of the kitchen can make your life easier. Imagine new countertops, adding a kitchen island, new appliances, or updated cabinets.

While a full kitchen renovation can offer a lot of value, you can get a lot out of a light remodel. Tackle tasks like painting the walls and regrouting tile floors. You could also refinish the cabinets and polish or replace the hardware. New lights are relatively affordable and can do a lot to brighten the space while updating the look.

Bathroom Updates

Beyond having a good kitchen, a nice bathroom is one of the things buyers consider when setting priorities. It’s a room that can have a significant impact on your daily life. Upgrades like a new tub and toilet can do a lot to make the bathroom look nice. Painting the walls and updating the tile can also help. A new vanity and mirror are other options for a bathroom remodel. However, just like with the kitchen, a light remodel of the bathroom can also go a long way.

Finished Basement

Do you want to add usable space but don’t have the money for a full home addition? One option that could serve as an alternative is to finish your basement. You can take the basement space and finish the walls and ceilings to make it more comfortable and usable. It is a way to add attractive indoor space without having to spend as much as you would on an addition.

However, it is important to note that not all basement conversions count as livable space. Even if it is finished, it might not meet the code requirements for you to list it as a living space. For example, it might need a certain number or size of windows to qualify as livable space. The degree to which it is underground will also matter. It might also need a door that exits to the outside.

HVAC Upgrades

The home HVAC system does a lot to help you maintain a comfortable home. As the components get older, they might not perform as well. Many of the components are also expensive, so upgrades can do a lot to add value. Getting a newer air conditioner or furnace can make it easier to manage indoor comfort while adding value. You could also consider something like updating your old thermostat for a newer smart thermostat.

Energy Efficient Features

Energy savings should be on your mind if you are planning home improvement projects. For example, if you’re replacing your air conditioner, along with making sure it is properly sized, you should also consider its energy ratings. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you should also consider the energy rating of the new appliances you buy. Features like new insulation and energy-efficient windows are also worth considering. With the right upgrades, you can add value to your home and set yourself up for long-term savings on your energy bills.

Take the time to consider your home improvement options. Adding the most value doesn’t always mean a good return on investment. That means some projects will be good if you plan to stay in the home for a few years, but others might not be worth doing if you are planning to sell.