The Jeweler’s Choice Award is an annual award bestowed upon creators of exceptional jewelry designs. It is typically organized by a leading jewelry publication or trade association, and it involves designers submitting their creations for judging.

The entries are evaluated by a panel of experts, including industry professionals, retailers, and consumers, who vote for their favorite designs across various categories. As expected, the winners gain recognition and prestige within the industry as their work is acknowledged for its innovation, craftsmanship, and overall appeal.

This year, the event featured 21 categories and showcased pieces of rare beauty and elegance. If you’re curious or looking for ideas to update your wardrobe, here are some pieces that garnered the most attention.

Brilliance and Ingenuity were the Main Focus

Omi Privé took everyone’s hearts with a beautiful pear-shaped Platinum pendant that features an 11.47 Paraiba tourmaline surrounded by diamonds. And if this wasn’t enough, the jewelers outdid themselves by adding a beautiful Platinum ring to the mix. In a similar fashion, the ring features a deep blue spinel cushion-shaped rock.

For the gentlemen, the brand has Platinum black cufflinks that feature a combination of alexandrites and diamonds. These are the perfect touch for an elegant outfit as they discreetly emphasize the wearer’s presence and good taste.

Overall, the Omi Privé collection is all about being grounded and focused on your goals. The stones and designs used focus on the idea of connection with Mother Earth and our loved ones. Plus, the colors and textures invite calm and positive energy.

The Fashion Industry is Going Green

Green is a color that carries lots of meanings, from healing and rejuvenation to wealth and prosperity. Plus, there are so many gorgeous gemstones that feature amazing green hues. So there’s no wonder that green was the dominating color at the Jeweler’s Choice Awards this year!

One of the pieces that stood out the most was the diamond earrings from Norman Silverman. These earrings draw everyone’s attention, featuring two marquise-shaped diamonds set in yellow gold with enamel accents.

Other pieces worth mentioning are Uneek Jewelry’s ring that features green tourmaline and Rahaminov Diamonds’ ring adorned with two gorgeous emeralds.

If these pieces have caught your eye, know that you can also shop gorgeous green jewels at affordable prices to add to your collection. You can choose between a wide range of earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

Unique Shapes & Designs

If you’re looking for unique jewelry pieces that will help you create a unique look that fits your personality, the Jeweler’s Choice Awards is the best place to find some. Among the pieces worth mentioning is a statement necklace created by C. Krishniah Chetty and an elegant diamond bracelet created by Marisa Perry Atelier.

Both these pieces are designed to shine bright and gather all the attention. But their design and message are what’s making them unique. The necklace talks about the beauty of spring and radiates positive energy, while the bracelet reminds you of the elegance and demeanor of ancient queens.

Gold is Back in Fashion

Gold, especially yellow gold, is the one universal note that can be found at all the jewelers who receive outstanding awards for their categories. Whether it’s for an elegant diamond wedding ring (like the one created by Brilliant Earth) or for a gem-encrusted bracelet (like Shula New York’s creation), yellow gold was present everywhere.

You can even find gold pieces in the Fashion and Gender Neutral categories, so it’s clear that the next season is golden.

Wrap Up

Most of the pieces awarded at the Jeweler’s Choice Awards are not easy to come by, but you can use them as inspiration when you go accessory shopping. Overall, green and golden tones seem to be the favorites, but you should also look for unique designs that fit your personality.