Although they may be thought to only be an option for patients with medical complications, air mattresses are currently gaining more popularity for their numerous health benefits. A high-quality mattress, in general, is essential for quality sleep, and for preventing strain on muscles.

While in the past few decades, water beds have been all the rage, many still preferred regular mattresses seeing as liquid-filled beds may make some feel uncomfortable in their sleep. On the other hand, laying down on an air mattress feels firm enough to be comfortable, while it’s also flexible enough to take the shape of your body.

 If you’ve been considering making a change that can take your sleep quality to a new level, here are the best-rated air mattresses in today’s market that can do that for you.

Intex classic downy

One of the biggest perks of the Intex classic is how compact it is, which makes it perfect for those making a transition from regular microfiber mattresses. The design makes it the ideal blend of firm and flexible, while the pump it comes with makes it double as a camping bed. The flocked top is designed to be durable, while the mattress can hold up to 600 pounds.

While some swear by this mattress, others claim that it’s more suitable for camping outdoors. If you’re unsure if it’s suitable for your needs, is a great air mattress hub where you can read more reviews about the best options in the market. Make sure you thoroughly browse your options before you make a purchase to find the air mattress best suited for your needs.

Sound Asleep Dream Series

Although it’s only produced in queen size, the 19-inch height makes it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Many users have also reported how quickly you can fill this mattress up with air. The design features 40 internal air pockets which are ideal for weight distribution.

However, the biggest downside of the mattress is its price, while the standard size may also be inconvenient for many who would wish for a larger or more compact design. But aside from its faults, no user has ever complained about comfort or durability.


While it may not be the top pick for many, seeing as it lacks a never-flat feature, Etekcity still makes it to our list. It stands 18 inches tall and comes in both twin and queen sizes, which makes it as versatile as it is comfortable. The built-in air pump makes it easy to fill after purchase, while the air pockets are designed to withstand up to 650 pounds. Because of its enormous height, Etekcity is mostly ideal for those who don’t like bed frames, but maybe a little inconvenient for those who prefer using mattress stands.

Insta-bed never flat

Why this product may be a go-to for those trying to make the transition to air beds is how easily customizable it is. Some individuals may want to opt for firmer beds, while others see no point in making the transition if it doesn’t feel like they’re sleeping on air.

For that reason, the 18-tall Insta-Bed comes with a feature of choosing the right firmness for your comfort, while the never-flat design makes sure that it doesn’t deflate while you sleep. The only downside is that it does not support an external pump, which means that you can only inflate it when you have access to electricity.

Wondersleep classic

The only reason this incredible product hasn’t made the top of our list is because of its exceedingly high price, but Wondersleep is otherwise a reputable and durable item that guarantees quality sleep and less hassle when it comes to inflating your bed. This mattress can be pumped in just four minutes and gives users the option to be inflated with a foot pump as well as an external hand, so users are not compelled to purchase an expensive pump.

Perhaps the biggest perk is the 20-inch height, which is perfect for those without bed frames. However, the mattress comes in only queen size, which may be inconvenient for individuals who value more space. The settings are extremely easy to use, which allows users to inflate the bed with a built-in dial.

Air mattresses are comfortable, affordable and medically proven to be the healthiest kind for high-quality sleep. Initially making the shift from microfiber might feel a little strange at first, but your body will quickly adapt to your new mattress, and you’ll notice a myriad of benefits, including feeling more energetic and getting more rest from your sleep.