Nobody wants their car to be stolen as it costs a lot of money to replace and is likely to increase your insurance premiums. Furthermore, if the car has sentimental value or is a collector’s item, then the loss is even worse. 

Although car theft has been decreasing for a few decades now due to societal changes and better law enforcement, some of the reduction can also be linked to the increased use of more effective anti-theft devices and technology. As well as reducing the risk of losing your car and valuables, anti-theft devices and technology also help drivers to keep their premiums down as the risk of theft is lower. 

If you are worried that your car isn’t secure enough, here are some solutions that will decrease the possibility of someone breaking into or stealing your car. 

GPS Tracking Devices 

One solution that doesn’t necessarily prevent your car from being stolen but allows you to discreetly track it, is a GPS tracking device. Trackers are reasonably easy for anyone to install and provide real-time GPS tracking and monitoring on a smartphone app, so you can quickly find out where your car is and alert the police. Usually, GPS tracking apps come with a paid monthly subscription that supports GPS tracking technology. 

An added benefit of using a GPS tracker is that data related to your driving habits can be given to insurance companies as evidence of your responsible driving, thus leading to a probable decrease in your insurance premiums. 

Fit or Upgrade a Car Alarm  

You may need to fit an aftermarket car alarm if your car is an old model and was built without one, or if your existing car alarm is broken, faulty, or simply out of date. You can rest assured that modern car alarms will be loud and sensitive enough, most also come with other features including a remote control for locking, unlocking, operating the alarm, and even starting the car. 

Use a Wheel Lock

Many people may already be familiar with wheel locks, having walked past vehicles parked on the street that have been clamped by a parking officer. Wheel locks can also be used personally to secure cars that have to be parked on the street or in an unsecured parking lot. The mechanism works by locking onto the outside of the wheel to stop it from spinning. Wheel locks are available for nearly every size of wheel whether it be for a car, SUV, truck, or trailer. 

Install a Kill Switch 

The purpose of a kill switch is to disengage the ignition system and is crucial in preventing hot wiring, a technique that car thieves use to tamper with the ignition’s electrical system to start the car without a key.  

Installing a kill switch will slightly change how your car functions as a key will no longer be used to start the car, instead, the ignition is controlled by a remote or smartphone.  It is possible to install a kill switch yourself, but it can be quite fiddly, so it is best to take it to a professional auto fitter if you are unsure. 

A Steering Wheel Lock 

Using a steering lock is a convenient way to protect your car from theft as it is easy to attach and take off, they are also small enough to store in your car when driving. Additionally, due to their size and color, they are highly visible so can deter thieves from bothering to try stealing your car if they already know it will be a challenge. When choosing a steering wheel lock, make sure it’s strong and fits your vehicle’s steering wheel size correctly. 

Install a Hood Lock 

As well as thieves attempting to steal your whole car, it is common for them to steal individual car parts by popping the hood and removing components such as the catalytic converter that contains valuable metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. 

To prevent car parts from being stolen, owners can install a hood lock by themselves or by taking the car to an auto fitter. 

parking on a dark street could lead to car theft

Other Car Theft Prevention Steps

There are other preventative measures you can take to reduce the risk of your car being broken into or stolen, these include ensuring the doors and windows are always locked when parking, being careful with your car keys, parking in areas that are more secure, and removing all valuables from a parked car. 

Even though car theft is going down, the risk remains quite high in certain areas, and often it is better to take anti-theft measures, like those discussed in this article, to give you peace of mind.