Driving lessons were called off at the pandemic’s height, before resuming across England on the 4th of July, after a long four months. All was well until the recent lockdown announcement, which has brought with it yet another ban on taking lessons, set to be lifted on the 2nd of December if things go to plan.

The prospect of learning to drive post-Covid is a frightening thought, but don’t worry yourself too much, as it’s still possible! With the pandemic ruling our lives, a new set of guidelines have been put in place to ensure that both the new driver and instructor are kept safe during each lesson, allowing them to continue to occur.

But don’t let that discourage you. Why not use this time to get in the know about how your lessons might look going forward? Read on as we give you an idea of what to expect, along with some handy tips!

Clearer Roads

Something that will benefit if learning to drive during the coronavirus pandemic is that the roads are likely to be quieter due to the majority of people working from home. Although this doesn’t prepare you for what will hopefully be a return to the “real world,” it’ll give you the chance to get your bearings on the road, with fewer distractions or things to worry about.

Dress to impress…and for warmth!

Due to Covid, learners will be required to give a little more thought to what they wear to their driving lessons. You will most likely be asked to wear clothing that keeps your arms and legs covered – as well as perhaps wearing layers – because, during all lessons, the car’s windows will be kept open to maximize airflow.

As you might have already assumed, you will have to wear a mask during your driving lessons. Some instructors might provide you with a disposable mask, but it’s a best practice just to bring your own. That way, you’ll know that you’ll definitely have one and will remain safe during your lesson!

Before your lesson

The new practice is that your instructor will give you either a phone call or text message ahead of your lesson and ask if you or anyone you’ve been in contact with has had any symptoms of the virus. If your answer is “yes,” then, understandably, the lesson will be postponed.

If the answer is “no,” then the instructor will proceed to your house like normal; however, they won’t knock on your door. Instead, your teacher will use this time to wipe down all of the most touched surfaces in the car, such as the steering wheel, gear lever, seatbelts, indicator, and door handles.

Once you’re in the car and ready to go, your instructor will take your temperature. Then, you’ll both put on disposable gloves, along with your face masks, before getting into the car and getting the lesson started!

At the end of the lesson

Rather than being given feedback and advice on your driving whilst still sitting in the car, this will now be conducted outside, whilst standing a safe distance apart. Instructors have also been discouraged from making notes in a logbook after lessons so that nobody is handling pens and notebooks or sharing them out. If there is any written feedback, you’ll probably be asked to take pictures of it with your mobile phone, or your instructor may just choose to message you the feedback directly later on. Although this seems like a somewhat unconventional way of doing things, it ensures the safety of all those involved and allows new drivers to still receive guidance from their teachers.

So, there you have it. Once driving lessons are back in business, you should now feel more than prepared to hit the road again ahead of your test!