After 2020 was the year of staying at home, you may have been staring at the same four walls for quite some time. So now is the perfect time to change things up with some home decoration and the chance to add some dramatic designs to those drab rooms. But there’s no need to repaint the whole house or unnecessarily start knocking down walls. You can transform any space with some quick and easy styling – with the help of some furnishing fabrics and accessories.

A touch of luxury

When our home environment is more important than ever, a 2021 trend has seen homeowners choose quality over quantity, adding some luxury to their living space, and investing in expert craftsmanship. But you don’t need to splash the cash to achieve this decadent look – add a few chic materials and rich textures to your room’s accessories, such as wool, velvet, or suede-like fabric. Why not invest in some plush cushions made from designer fabrics as an effective way to elevate any room?

Cushions are such a versatile decoration – especially if they have a stylish, modern fabric or texture – and can alternate between your house’s different rooms for an instant transformation. You can choose to match them to the already existing décor or contrast them completely to inject a surprising color or pattern.

When it comes to curtains, you can make a statement with elegantly patterned fabric and ooze luxury with the choice of pleated heading and style of drape. Update tired looking curtains for a pair that has a bit more length, which will add that deluxe touch of cascading fabric and give the illusion of larger windows.

Take inspiration from nature.

Arranging some green leafy plants around the room is an effortless way to update the space by adding a pop of natural color and creating an atmosphere of peace and charm—the perfect vibes for 2021. Not only will the greenery upgrade an unused area or a plain windowsill, but you can also have fun with the pots and planters that they sit in, adding more texture and color to the décor.

Experiment with different levels for the ultimate restyling of your room – tall palms is effective in the corner of a room. In contrast, a hanging basket of overflowing leaves is welcome in areas with little surface space. And if you’re worried about having to take care of them, there are some beautiful faux flower and plant options out there that add all the vibrancy of nature without any fuss.

Perfectly patterned wallpaper

It can be such a simple thing, but adding wallpaper to just one wall in a room can completely transform a space. Not only can it add color and design, but it can also make the room seem bigger. Bathroom design experts explain that this is particularly effective for spaces that tend to be an awkward shape or smaller, like a bathroom. Wallpapering one wall, especially with an interesting, bold pattern, steals the focus and draws the eye away from the room’s actual size. But, always remember to go for wallpaper suitable for use in this type of room.

It’s not only potted plants that are a natural addition to the home, but flora and fauna have also made an appearance in the latest wallpaper trend. Flowery patterns mixed with a contemporary design are a great choice of wallpaper for 2021, which can be showcased in many different styles to suit your taste or combine various colors. Choosing a floral wallpaper can transform the space with a timeless pattern and bring brightness and joy to your home.