If you and your partner or BFF are off on an adventure, that means you can take advantage of the fact that there are two of you and share the load when it comes to packing. Traveling in pairs doesn’t mean you have to take twice as much. In fact, it often means the opposite.

Here are hints and tips for keeping things light while you’re on the go!

Forgo a backpack. Choose wheels.

Unless you’re going on a trip that involves a lot of trekking or are specifically backpacking, chances are you don’t need to worry about being able to carry things on your back. For trips where the backpack isn’t needed, suitcases with wheels come into their own. They’re easier to transport than a case that has to be carried, and it means only one of you is carrying luggage at any one time. That leaves the other free to do other useful things like buying the coffee and sorting out the documentation at borders and airports. Just remember to share the load!

If you absolutely do need a backpack, be sure to check out Riffle NW before you decide.

Go somewhere warm.

Eliminate the need for tons of warm clothing, and you’ll immediately reduce the amount you need to pack! Warm destinations mean you’ll only need to pack smaller, lighter items of clothing – shorts, shirts, light pants, tops, and maybe a couple of evening outfits. Add in a single sweater, warmer pants, and a rain mac for emergencies, and you’re all set. It might also be a chance for you, if you’re a wearer of makeup, to take a break. Humidity and sunshine aren’t good mascara companions, and sunscreen should be the order of the day.

Vacuum packs

If you really can’t pack lightly, vacuum bags could be your savior. The bags are rolled, which creates a vacuum and reduces the amount of space your stuff takes up. Easy! If you’re traveling through multiple countries with multiple climates, these nifty bags could help you pack for both warm and cold weather without needing multiple items of luggage.

Take pocket towels.

If you’re staying in hotels, most will provide towels. If not, forgo the giant fluffy ones and pack a microfiber towel instead. These little guys may look small, but they’ll get you just as dry as a beach towel in no time at all.

Choose warm clothes wisely.

If you really do need a warm coat, try a jacket that’s specifically designed to fold up really small. Try a thermal layer rather than something super-padded that will take up half your luggage. If you don’t need it too often, you could also borrow one rather than buy it.

Share toiletries.

Depending on where you’re going, you really don’t need two bags for toiletries and tons of products. Keep product sizes small, too, and top them up as you go. This will keep the weight of your luggage down, as toiletries can be heavier than expected!