Selecting a venue is one of the first steps in wedding planning, and there are hundreds to consider! To ensure the venue is right for you and your husband or wife, you’ll need to consider the venue’s size, style, and location. You can get an idea of some of the most popular wedding venues in Calgary by looking at this list!

Church wedding venue

Modern Wedding Venues

Fashion-forward aesthetics characterize modern weddings. No matter what style you choose, this wedding style is always a hit. The decor of a modern wedding tends to be pared back and elegant, with neutral colors, modern flowers, and geometric shapes.

In a modern-style wedding, the venue itself is usually the focal point, so other decor elements can be kept simple and neat. The most popular modern wedding venues in Calgary are listed below!

Industrial Spaces

Whether it’s a repurposed warehouse, a former factory, or a stylish loft, these hip spaces are as blank canvas as you can get. Elegant yet gritty, this event space combines a raw framework with modern wedding decor.


The view from rooftop weddings is breathtaking, and the atmosphere is ultramodern. There’s nothing like a penthouse wedding with skyline views or an epic dance party that feels like it’s taking place in the clouds. When it comes to your venue, you’ll definitely raise the roof!


Hotel weddings are perfect for couples who have lots of guests coming from out of town. There’s no need to worry about transportation for you and your loved ones. For all your wedding-related events, a bigger hotel will have lots of ballrooms and other spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Banquet Halls

You can get everything you need at these venues, including food & drinks and many other services. For gatherings with a lot of guests, banquet halls are great.


It may be a good idea to have your wedding in a restaurant if you two are foodies. Obviously, the food will be excellent, and restaurants are already furnished with furniture, cutlery, and decorations. Events with fewer guests are best suited to these venues, as they are typically smaller and cozier.

Country & Rustic Wedding Venues

The type of rustic venue you choose depends on your style, but whichever one you choose, you’re going to have a fun, relaxed day. Plus, romantic rustic locations don’t necessarily need to be off the beaten path. You’d be surprised at how many spots there are in the Calgary city center.


Want to get close to nature but don’t want to go far? You’ll love this. Parking and local services are usually available at campgrounds. There’s also lots of space. Tents are a must! Clubhouses and cabins might even be available on some grounds.

Golf Clubs

The carts might even be available for rent. You can shuttle between the golf course and the reception hall!

Barns & Farms

Rustic weddings have become synonymous with authentic barns. Ceremony and reception venues at these non-traditional locations offer a unique setting for weddings.


It’s wine lovers’ time! Wineries and vineyards often offer event spaces for weddings. No matter what your taste in wine is, you’re likely to love the scenery and unique wedding venues at a vineyard. Plus, there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Unusual Wedding Venues

When you know where to look, Calgary has a variety of unique wedding venues. Check out this unique wedding reception and ceremony locations for inspiration.

Ski Lodges

Are you looking for a venue that has an activity-themed theme? There is no better location for a mixed crowd than a ski lodge.

Art Studios or Galleries

There is an inherent uniqueness to these spaces. Paintings and murals make for unique backdrops for wedding photos.


Museum weddings have something special about them. Beautiful backdrops and distinctive decorations can be found in museum wedding venues. Check your favorite museum’s availability for weddings. You can also look for museums that match your wedding theme, whether it’s elegant, dynamic, contemporary, or funky.

Castle wedding venue

Chateaus or Castles

A chateau wedding will make your day feel like a fairytale. A grand ballroom, wooden walls, chandeliers, and a grand marble staircase will give your day a feeling of royalty. There are countless gorgeous backdrops for wedding party shots outside, including beautifully trimmed lawns, patios, and marques.

Start looking for a wedding venue that matches your style now that you know the types of wedding venues in Calgary. Good luck on your hunt, and have the most wonderful day ever!