Staying in a hotel is quite a unique experience for a lot of reasons, especially if it’s a luxurious one. Between the pools, room service, and the delicious meals, what’s not to love? But it’s the fancy rooms that do the trick –– and the fact that you don’t have to clean those rooms is quite encouraging, too. If there’s one place in a hotel room that impresses the most, it has got to be the bathroom. With fancy designs and lush materials, you can’t help but hope your back home has been just the same. Believe it or not, you can do it with a little planning. These tricks will help you make your bathroom look like that of a hotel.

The towels

You know that’s one of the first things you notice in a hotel bathroom, those fancy towels that look like they’ve been custom-made just for that place. No luxury bathroom would be complete without a beautiful set of decorative towels, and they genuinely do make a huge difference. Your best choice of colors is white, and if you can, go for cotton ones. If you want to amp the luxury vibe, you can also get a heated towel rail for those cold winter nights when you’ll need a warm towel to dry your body after a shower.

Add a seating

In pretty much all decent 5-star hotels, you’ll find a seating of sorts for the guests in the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a massage chair, but rather a stool or an intricate armchair. Adding this piece of furniture, exponentially changes how the bathroom looks, and it makes it a lot more elegant. You instantly get that luxury vibe when you step into one that has an ottoman or small chair. It’s also pretty functional for a pedicure or manicure.

Play with colors

Quite possibly, the biggest attention grabber in a luxury hotel bathroom is the paint color. A bathroom is supposed to inspire warmth and relaxation because it provides both. And colors play a huge role in that, and they can completely alter the vibe the place would give. So, if you want yours looking like a hotel, you need to go for warmth and simple colors. White is often an excellent choice for both the walls and cabinets, and it makes the entire bathroom look stylish and a lot more expensive than it is. The plus side is those walls will match with the linen and towels you have inside.

Accessorize the shower

You’d be surprised how creative hotels can get with showers, and this plays a huge factor in just how beautiful and comfortable the place is. By looking at products from the Showering Center and the different choices they have, it’s apparent that there are a lot of accessories and additions you can put in the shower. Showerheads should be filtered in a luxury hotel, and you can also get those in your bathroom, as they protect your skin from chlorine and minerals in the water. A fresh addition would also be a Bluetooth showerhead, because what could be better than taking a long bath while listening to your favorite music?

woman enjoying a bath in this stylish bathroom

The lighting

Lights are also one of the first things people notice in a hotel bathroom, and if you want yours to look as elegant, you’ll need to experiment until you find the right combination. Fortunately, there are several tricks you could do with the lights in your bathroom. You need to add some to your mirrors on both sides so there wouldn’t be any shadows –– if you prefer low lighting, then you could add LED lighting in the panels around the mirror. Floor spotlights are another exquisite addition that resonates with people when it comes to how stylish the bathroom is. And you can never go wrong with rectangular wall lamps or brass bulbs, which can be incredibly elegant if appropriately placed.


There is nothing quite like adding a bit of the outdoors to your bathroom, and it’s a touch that you will find in pretty much any fancy bathroom, not just in hotels. You can do that through many options, for instance, window treatments that would allow more sunlight in and give you a beautiful view while taking a bubble bath –– which is a good option if you live in a secluded area. If you’re more of an indoors person but would still like to add a rustic touch, plants liven up the place and make it look fancier. Try to select plants that would react well to the humidity, though, and you’ll find that they breathe life into your bathroom and inspire much relaxation and peacefulness.

Get a new bath mat and rugs

You will find that all hotel bathrooms have elegant bath mats and rugs that add to the overall lush vibe, and you need to change your current ones. Nothing takes from the beauty of your bathroom as much as a dirty and old bath mat, which isn’t very hygienic as well. If you want that luxury feel, you could go for a Persian rug or a Turkish carpet, and you’d make your bathroom more elegant and stylish than some people’s living rooms.

Choose the right materials

The last trick you can do to elevate your bathroom even to be better than hotels’ pertains to the materials you’ll be using. If you remember the fanciest bathroom you’ve been in, you’ll most likely remember seeing a lot of marbles. You don’t need to make the whole place in it, but there are plenty of affordable marble accessories that you can quickly get like a soap holder or a marble bin. Wood is also a welcomed addition to luxury bathrooms, and it looks stylish –– not to mention the fact that it feels good if you used it as a bath mat.

There are plenty of tricks and hacks you can do to make your bathroom similar to those luxury hotel ones, but you need to take your time with the process. Not all approaches would work for yours, and you should plan it out before going off and buying whatever crosses your path.