Truck driving is a dangerous profession — it takes the driver’s full attention to be safe and well enough to reduce the increasing numbers of fatalities on the job. However, these injuries involved with trucking can be avoided when drivers ultimately desire to enjoy a successful career and follow guidelines related to driving.

By improving trucking safety, you not only guarantee protection but also reduce expenses associated with casualties and ensure everyone gets home safe.

Despite being an experienced truck driver who follows safety and warning signs, getting safety tips garnered from experts and truck manufacturers for truckers and other road users is quite important. 

Take Frequent Breaks

Truck drivers go through a lot of struggles. Mandatory breaks would seem like a good thing, but they know their stretch limits. They don’t need regulations telling them when to take a break.

On the other hand, it still shouldn’t be taken for granted. Statistics in 2010 by the Automobile Insurance Society of Quebec (SAAQ) show that truck driver fatigue can result from several factors. These include Inadequate sleep, lengthy hours of work, and physical or mental exertion to be the leading cause of truck accidents.

Another report showed over 10% of commercial truck drivers to be fatigued at the time of a crash. This self-explains that tiredness, a leading factor in motor accidents, is poorly managed by truck companies and independent drivers. 

It is important to take breaks, not necessarily one that gives you time to sleep, but one where the driver can change postures by walking around during shortstops. Breaks with an opportunity to sleep can be arranged during longer stops.  

truck driving safety tips

Visual Signaling 

Make sure to check and recheck your blind spots before attempting any maneuver. Before maneuvering, be sure to signal early and often to ensure that other motorists know which way your truck is turning.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 840,000 accidents per year are directly due to blind spots. In most of these accidents, the drivers fail to indicate when they are changing lanes. 

Many motorists are unaware of where your truck’s blind spots are located. As a result, they unknowingly put themselves in harm’s way. Make sure you’re looking over your shoulders and out the windows when changing lanes. 

Lastly, try to leave plenty of room around their vehicles when turning. 

Check The Weather 

Irrespective of the weather condition, be sure to keep considerable space between your truck and the vehicle in front in case they stop unexpectedly. 

During the winter or rainy season, it is good to prepare for extreme conditions that can affect driving. Look outside to observe the road condition and know what to expect and prepare for when driving.

Take Caution at Night

Take extra caution when driving at night, especially in difficult situations where maneuvering might be hard. There are several cases of truck drivers going off the road with them still thinking they were still on the road. Drivers need to be more alert, aware, and cautious when moving around.

Whether you’ve just begun your truck driving career or you’re an expert driver, learning from respected drivers would save you from accidents you may likely have. Being safe on the road is far more than focusing on simply being aware and considerate of motorists on the road. It needs to become a lifestyle.