How do you use your backyard? Many homeowners like to think of their backyard as just a wide-open space they can use to grill everyone once in a while, or play with their pets and kids. However, many have chosen to go a different route with their backyard. For example, some homeowners opt to turn their backyard into an actual outdoor living space!

How do they do this, you might ask? Well, there’s more to it then you might think. Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how you can turn your backyard into a luxurious living space of your own so you can try it for yourself if you like.

Build an Outdoor Shower

Showering outdoors is a unique experience. There’s nothing like enjoying the comfort of a hot shower as you look up at a bright, blue sky or a starry night. The fresh air on your face combined with the sounds of nature is really refreshing. And while you might think it sounds like a difficult task to build a shower outdoors, it’s apparently not as hard as it sounds.

First, you need to choose a showerhead that works for you. A regular one might do the trick depending on your preference, but it’s never a bad idea to go for one with multiple settings. A mist setting or gentle rain setting can mimic a light drizzle like you might get from Mother Nature herself.

Next, you’ll need to choose your walls. Natural wooden walls are a great choice if you want to go with an outdoors vibe, but your options are endless. You could also choose to use a natural barrier as part of your shower walls. Something like a tall line of shrubs can work very well, as long as your privacy is protected. If you have neighbors close by you’ll need to make sure they can’t see in.

Including the natural elements of your yard can be a way to add style and flair as well. Maybe build your shower around the trunk of a tree you have in your yard, or plant some bamboo as a natural barrier. A living garden wall is another way to add some pizzazz to your outdoor shower.

Your shower floor should be made from a base of either flat rocks, wood, or stone. It should also be non-slip, and you might want to have it raised so that it drains easier and doesn’t allow muddy water to pool at your feet.

If you want to use your shower year-round you can have it attached to your house so the pipes stay unfrozen. If you want it further away from your house and plan to use it in the winter so can have it insulated as well.

Add a Coffee Nook

There’s nothing like starting your day with a nice cup of coffee while surrounded by the outdoors. A coffee nook is the perfect place to do that. Start by building a pathway with material like irregular flagstone, hardwood mulch, or decomposed granite.

 Next, you can build a gazebo area and add some of your favorite furniture to it. If you really want to go all out you can have a coffee maker set up and keep your favorite brands of coffee stored in a cabinet somewhere. Finally, pick out the perfect coffee table and you’re all set!

Design a Children’s Garden

If you have kids, one of the best ways to get them introduced to plants and gardening is to build them their very own garden. Have them help you during the process, and make sure to add a wide variety of plants. Lamb’s Ears are one choice if you want a plant that’s soft and fuzzy. Balloon Flowers are another option that’s good for kids because of their uniquely shaped seed pods and petals.

Adding in some culinary herbs is another way to get some variety, and can be a great learning opportunity for your kids. Also, let them each pick something out that they are responsible for taking care of, like a certain type of flower or vegetable. This will give them the incentive to help keep up the garden and give them a little taste of hard work.

Your Backyard Can Be So Much More

If you have a large backyard and you want to make some real use out of it, nothing is stopping you. You can turn it into a luxurious outdoor living space by adding any number of landscaping projects. A children’s garden is great to keep your kids occupied, while an outdoor shower can be a seriously serene addition.

An outdoor coffee nook is another way to make yourself feel right at home in your backyard, and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and fresh air. Whatever you choose, you’re certain to appreciate the fruits of your labor and you might end up spending a lot more time in your backyard than you ever imagined.