Each year, the culinary industry welcomes a new crop of sleek appliances and ingenious accessories. Some kitchen staples receive a state-of-the-art technological update, while others undergo a head-to-toe redesign. One notable new trend is the rise of smart appliances. Now, temperature-controlled fridges can video chat with the whole family while blenders double as multifunctional mixers. Unlike the kitchen appliances of holiday dinners past, the kitchen tech of today is equal parts multifaceted and multifunctional. 

Are you ready to upgrade your ordinary kitchen to chef-approved cookery? Consider these five top appliances in 2021. 

A Reimagined Fridge 

If your old fridge sticks out like a sore thumb and constantly emits an irritating hum, it’s time for an update. The fridge revolution exploded in 2021, welcoming a host of smart models and glass-paneled versions.

If you’re looking to streamline your kitchen design, a built-in refrigerator like these will match perfectly with existing woodwork. Most modern fridges also accommodate a more comprehensive range of storage options. For temperature-specific storage, consider a fridge model that advertises individual compartments for meats, vegetables, and even eggs. 

Remember, if there is one appliance to splurge on, it’s a sleek, show-stopping refrigerator you’ll want to show off to guests. 

A Cocktail Machine 

Sometimes a chilled beer or glass of red just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re entertaining guests or decompressing after a long work week, enjoying a well-made cocktail is a game-changer. For those inexperienced at the art of mixology, a high-tech cocktail machine is a worthy purchase. 

luxury kitchen appliances

Choose from various models offering different degrees of complex recipes, and place your appliance of choice near a kitchen outlet. Then, simply add your preferred spirit and let the machine do the rest. 

An Automatic Pot Stirrer

Not to be mistaken with the token problematic family member, an automatic pot-stirrer is every home chef’s dream companion. Battery-operated and easy to use, this accessory should be in every at-home chef’s arsenal. An automatic pot stirrer is particularly useful for recipes like soups or sauces where constant mixing is required. 

A WiFi Instant Pot 

If you like to spend time in the kitchen, chances are you already own an instant pot. This multifunctional accessory cooks everything from rice to cake to yogurt. The 2021 version, however, allows you to control the pressure cooker from your phone or Alexa. Wifi capability might seem insignificant initially, but the high-tech function comes in handy for time-intensive recipes. With the ability to control and track the instant pot remotely, you can leave the house for hours and feel confident you won’t return to a pile of ashes. 

A Steam Oven

A relatively well-kept secret by culinary experts is steam ovens. Rather than using hot air for cooking food, this appliance uses steam. The alternative cooking method helps retain more nutrients in your meals and eliminates the need for oil. 

Steam cooking is also much faster than conventional oven cooking and can be adjusted to meet different temperate needs. Perhaps most beneficial, steam ovens prevent cross-contamination of flavors and scents. So you can cook a chocolate cake, salmon, and roast potatoes all at the same time. 

Final Thoughts 

This year has already provided an impressive range of updated appliances and high-tech accessories. So whether you invest in a smart fridge or finally purchase an automatic pot-stirrer, your kitchen will soon become your favorite room in the house.