The hotel industry in the US alone does over 200 billion dollars in business every year. With so many different hotels across the country to stay at on your vacations, why pick an average place? A creative or interesting location can turn your trip into a special and memorable occasion. Here are two very unique locations to consider next time you are booking a hotel stay—one for its incredible modern architecture and one for fans of historical charm.

Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood FL

The Guitar Hotel at the Hard Rock, Hollywood, Florida

After an astounding 10 years of planning and construction, it has finally opened, the world’s first Guitar Hotel. It certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a city like Las Vegas, but in Hollywood, Florida, it makes a big impression. The design is modeled after two guitars sitting back to back and is a breath-taking aquamarine color that matches the pools and man-made lakes that surround the resort. Frankly, it is an architectural wonder in many ways.

Taking a big page out of the Las Vegas handbook, the hotel has an incredible light show that can be experienced every evening at 7:30 and 8:30 pm. The brilliant display of lights, colors, and digital fireworks is reminiscent of a rock concert and goes well with the guitar motif. For visitors to this amazing hotel, it can be a great experience.

Of course, while the exterior is one of a kind, the actual accommodations are exquisite as well. There are many picturesque rooms to choose from, like the Platinum Suite and the Luxury King Suite. All of the suites are lavishly decorated and gorgeous. When you enter the hotel, the first thing you will notice is the Oculus centerpiece that captures your attention.

The Oculus is an experimental architectural masterpiece that combines water, lights, and music into one incredible show. It was painstakingly designed as a collaboration between the well-known LAB and Rockwell Group, Focus Lighting, Senovva, and WET design. When you stay at the Guitar Hotel at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort, you are in for a unique and memorable experience.

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel will always be known first and foremost for its role in the famous Stanley Kubrik film The Shining. Even decades later, the film still attracts thousands of fans every year to these haunted grounds. While it may not be the first place on your list of hotels to stay at, the Stanley Hotel has a lot to offer any visitors, not just those that come in search of the paranormal.

First, it has to be said, both inside and out of this hotel is gorgeous. Not new and modern by any stretch of the imagination, but that is precisely what visitors come here for. The hotel has been meticulously maintained, and the history and woodwork of the hotel are intact. Situated in Estes Park, from the hotel grounds you have stunning views of the Rocky Mountains just five miles away, and panoramic views of Lake Estes. When you first arrive, you are greeted by the pearly white paint of the exterior capped with a gorgeous red shingle roof.

Entering the main lobby is like stepping back in time. All around the hotel, there are luscious red carpeting, gold chandeliers, and incredible stained woodwork like banisters and statues. There is even an antique automobile to represent the history of the hotel’s creator, Freelan Oscar Stanley, the notable inventor of the steam-powered car. The history and traditional architecture of the Stanley Hotel have been painstakingly preserved.

There are many attractions and amenities here to enjoy during your stay. On the property is an upscale steakhouse, as well as a relaxing spa to rival anywhere in the world, even the spa at St Mortiz in Switzerland. Of course, being in the Rocky Mountains area, one of the main activities to enjoy is the world-class skiing that can be had right in Stanley’s backyard. In fact, all around the property is a wealth of nature, and exploring these grounds is a crime to pass up.

At this point, anyone who is interested in staying at the Stanley Hotel wants to know the details about the infamous ghosts and hauntings. To begin, the hotel staff entertain guests with nightly ghost tours that take you through the entire hotel, as well as teach you about the history and pop-culture significance of the Stanley Hotel.

Many reportedly haunted rooms are available for guests, but these, of course, are in high demand. They include the well-known Suite 217, which was the inspiration for “room 237” in the film, The Shining. Also available are the favorite rooms of the Ghost Hunters, 401, 407, and 428. Many ghosts are said to roam through the halls, including the original owner and his wife, as well as several children and past caretakers. For anyone interested in history, spooky atmosphere, or just genuine gorgeous and quaint hotels, Stanley cannot be missed.