Getting engaged to the love of her life is among the most anticipated moments in a woman’s life. Because of this, there is pressure on her man to really make that moment special and truly memorable.

Many men do extra romantic (or cheesy) stuff just to impress their lady loves as they make the promise to love them forever. Some pay a full band of musicians just to play the woman’s favorite tunes. Some turn a simple room into a pretty nook for a romantic dinner for two, complete with candles and vases full of flowers. Others take their love on an ultimate adventure, only going down to his knee at the end of it to make the much-awaited proposal.

But topping all those things is the ultimate symbol of the promise of love: the engagement ring. Traditionally, this ring is adorned with a diamond that symbolizes lasting love and connection. This article pays close attention to how the diamond on the ring is set. Particularly, we present three of the most common settings for diamond engagement rings.


The solitaire is probably the most common of all setting types. And it’s not difficult to see why. This setting type has a diamond in the middle of a rather plain engagement band. The diamond is held in place by a metal claw that has either four or six prongs. No other diamond or other precious stone is placed on the ring, so all attention will be on the diamond at the center.

One possible downside of having this kind of setting is that the protruding diamond can get caught on clothes, furniture, and other items, especially if the diamond sticks out prominently. Opting for a solitaire ring with a lower-set diamond centerpiece is a good way to go.


The halo setting will surely be appealing to those who love sparkly things. Unique halo rings still have a diamond at the center. The center diamond is outlined by smaller diamonds, like a halo around a saint’s head. It is said that this setup makes the center diamond look bigger and more prominent.

Aside from smaller diamonds, other precious stones that sport a markedly different color can also be used. Doing this enhances the contrast between the diamond and its immediate surroundings, resulting in a strong perceptual popping effect.


The channel setting makes it appear that the whole ring is made of diamonds. Aside from the one in the middle, the band is inlaid with smaller stones. These stones are the same width as the band itself, making it appear that the band is actually made of diamonds. To further enhance this illusion, the smaller stones are held in place by prongs that are hidden from view.

A commonly cited downside of this setup is that the smaller diamonds on the band serve as distractions that take attention away from the centerpiece. Channel rings can also be challenging to clean, especially when dirt starts to get in between the smaller stones.

Choosing the right diamond ring is important in making the lady happy. Fortunately, the selection process is not a very difficult one, especially if the man really knows the love of his life well.