Color-treated hair is hair that has gone through a permanent color treatment, by undergoing oxidation to opening up the cuticles to let the dye run in the hair to give it a permanent shade.

While celebrities and individuals are flocking up to flaunt this trendy look, learning how to maintain colored hair is the key to good health. The wrong treatment can leave the hair dry and brittle, so here are some tips from hair-care experts on how to maintain a head of colored hair, no matter what the hair type.

Ingredients to Avoid

Any product which contains sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, and sodium chloride should be avoided in order to take care of your colored hair, as they remove too much moisture from the hair and contribute to dryness.

Color-treated hair is already on the dryer side, so the key is to use a nourishing shampoo for colored hair that will be delicate on the color-treated hair strands.

Prevent damage and dullness

Whenever you make an appointment with your favorite hair stylist post-color, make sure there is no damage caused and your hair is fresh and vibrant. To ensure this, treat your hair, once a week, with a heavy-duty mask in the shower. Put the heat tools out of sight and let your hair heal with your natural texture. Don’t wash hair every day and try to go as long as you can without washes to give the hair a chance to replenish its natural oils. Protect your fragile ends with a nourishing moisturizer. Leave six to eight weeks before color services.

Masks and conditioners

Apply gloss treatment to your hair, once in a while, by swapping the traditional conditioner for a gloss formula. This will help seal the cuticle to protect color and will add extra shine to the hair. Another option is to apply a conditioner with a glazed formula to preserve the vibrancy and richness of the hair. When the hair feels extra brittle or on the brink of being damaged, a hair mask can be of immense help to the weak strands.

Leave-in treatments

A rich leave-in will add nourishment to the hair and make it easier for styling and detangling.  When at home a purple shampoo allows you to customize your toning using a dropper. These pure purple pigment drops will instantly add style and tone to your hair. Additionally, the product is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and amino acids that protect your hair from the damage of UV rays, while retaining color at the same time.

Heat protectants

According to hair specialists, heat protectants are an essential asset for all types of hair, especially colored hair. It is recommended to use them every time heat is applied to the hair to prevent it from over-drying and causing damage to the fragile hair. A good brand will not only protect the hair from heat but will also detangle, control frizz, and enhance shine.