It’s without reasonable doubt that homes are known for harboring all kinds of nasty odors. Most of these stenches are common and easy to deal with through regular cleaning and deodorizing. However, there are instances when the smell becomes unbearable, and the worst happens when you can’t point out the origin of the scent. Without saying much, Here are some common culprits to look out for when faced by the unpleasant smell in your home:

1. Leftover Food

You need food to survive, and that means that there will always be some cooking at your home. Often, you may prefer to leave the dishes dirty over the night and clean them the following morning. Unfortunately, the dirty dishes and drink containers you leave can result in the unpleasant smell you start experiencing in your home. At times, the odor could be originating from a drink spilling on the floor or furniture. You can deal with such a smell by cleaning it as soon as you notice the spillage.

2. Broken Pipes or Fixtures

Your sewage system is a sensitive part of your house. It’s advisable to ensure that waste and water flows smoothly out of the house and into the septic. Unfortunately, the worst can happen, and your system blocks or develops a leak. If you start smelling a weird smell like that of sewage, then it means something is wrong with your plumbing system, and a professional is needed to deal with the mess. Most plumbing tasks may seem easy to deal with, but it would help if you allowed a professional to deal with the job. With a professional plumber in place, it means that the problem will never appear again. Besides, professionals can easily spot another error that could have messed you in the future and fix it.

3. Dirty or Wet Clothes

More often than not, people have the habit of accumulating all dirty clothes in a basket and keep them in the washroom area waiting for cleaning. This kind of arrangement can see your clothes collect moisture from the washroom. Did you know that your laundry basket is a breeding ground for bacteria?

The chances are that you didn’t see that coming. Not long ago, a study posted in the Journal of Chromatography highlighted that the sweat from your underarm is odorless until it comes into contact with bacteria. Therefore, if you start smelling some weird smell around your laundry area, it’s time that you considered dealing with the dirty clothes first. You can prevent this unpleasant smell from your laundry by clearing the laundry basket often. Don’t let your dirty clothes accumulate. Instead, clear them as soon as your schedule allows.

4. Stagnant Air/Dust

If you are experiencing unpleasant smells in your home, the problem could be stagnant air or dust accumulation. Stagnant air, for instance, is known for trapping airborne particles from tobacco smoke to mold spores. Dust, on the other end, comprises all sought of things from dead skin, pet hair, dander, insect droppings, and dirt.

This accumulation tends to get worse, especially during hot, humid days. It can make your home look and feel dirty. If you are, therefore, experiencing that musty smell in your home, you have got to check your air conditioning. Is the system working correctly? With an operational AC system, the stagnant air and dust won’t be a bother and the filthy smell as well. An HVAC professional can guide you and assist with repairing your faulty AC when the need arises.

5. Your Garbage Bin

Your kitchen garbage bin could be another culprit. It would help if you had in mind that this is where you dispose of all kinds of dirt from food leftovers to dirt. All these items can lead to unpleasant smells in the kitchen and the whole house. You can avoid this smell by investing in a closed garbage disposal. With a tight lid, it will be hard for the awful smell to find its way to your kitchen. Also, it’s recommended that you empty the bin daily on your outside garbage disposal. After emptying the bin, remember to wash it clean as dirt can stick on its sides and lead to the filthy smell.

6. Your Bedding

Your bedroom is also notorious for the unpleasant odor. More often than not, you spend your time there sleeping. As a result, your sheets and blankets may accumulate dirt, oils, and sweat from your body. With time, the sweat accumulation may become unbearable even for you. It’s for this reason that you are advised to clean sheets often. When it comes to your bedding, don’t forget your mattress as well because it soaks in the sweat from your body. Therefore, you can consider taking it outside regularly for airing. If the smell doesn’t seem to fade away after the cleaning, you can consider deodorizing the area.

7. Your Pet

In the modern world, almost every home has a pet. The experience that comes with owning a dog, for example, is beyond a reasonable doubt the best. However, like humans, pets can get smelly. Say, for example, when your pet’s hair falls out, bacteria grow, and things could get nasty. The best remedy for this problem is cleaning the animal at least once a week with soap and water. Also, consider vacuuming under the beds and sofas to avoid the buildup of fur and odor.

There is nothing that feels awful than coming home to a filthy smell. The smell can make your stay in the house uncomfortable. Where is the smell coming from? This is the most annoying part when you can’t figure the origin. Listed in this article are seven areas that you should consider checking whenever you are met by a smell you can’t relate to. With smells coming from your pet, clothing, and bedding, for example, it’s easy to clear. But, for things such as broken ACs, you may need a pro to do the necessary job. Read through the entire piece to understand how you can undergo every other situation.