Bed linen is much more than just an accessory for your bedroom — it is also a guarantee of healthy sleep. Here are some important tips for choosing the perfect bedding.


Bedding sizes are usually standard, and they are always indicated on labels. You can measure your bed and choose the appropriate size of linen. To add greater coziness to the bedroom space, choose a bedspread one size larger.


There are several basic fabrics for bedding:

  • Cotton – breathable and durable
  • Linen – rougher texture and luxurious feel
  • Poly-blend – budget-friendly and easy-care
  • Silk – expensive and extremely soft

However, those who suffer from respiratory issues should pay attention to hypoallergenic bedding. For example, Linens & Hutch offers bed linen made from soft double-brush microfiber, which is not inferior to natural fabrics in quality.

Thread count

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of cotton, but it can be used in reference to other types of fabric as well. This advice is useful for those who want to choose cotton of the highest quality: the higher the number of threads, the more luxurious the bedding.


It is difficult to talk about the “right” design of bed linen since everyone has their own concept of aesthetics. The main thing is to avoid buying bedding without first thinking about how it will look in the bedroom interior.

Care and maintenance

Regardless of the material used for manufacturing bed linen, it needs appropriate care. It is more difficult to maintain the initial look of more luxurious fabric like silk. If you do not have the opportunity to care for the bedding properly, it will wear out soon and lose its original feel.

There are many factors to consider when choosing bedding, from design to care requirements. But with these tips in mind, you can pick the perfect bedding for you.