Every element of a home’s decor scheme says something about the owner – especially when it comes to the photographs on display. Personalized prints using images from your own collection can make a powerful visual impact, but there are three things you need to get the technique right: a coherent photo selection, a well-thought-out layout, and the right choice of print mediums. In this article, we’ll discuss all three in more detail!

Select Photos that Express Your Personality

You might be tempted to choose posed studio portraits with impeccable lighting and professional retouching, but you can often achieve a greater impact using candid pictures. Evocative photos taken from life let you tell your own story – and incorporate it into the design of your home.

Design the Perfect Wall Art Layout

A common mistake in DIY decoration is to arrange your pictures in random layouts. Photo reproductions should be displayed in a way that emphasizes the character of the prints. For example, classic framed photos look great in neat rows, while frameless posters and canvas prints allow for more creative freedom – try displaying them in asymmetric compositions that will accentuate the informal character of the prints.

Choose the Most Appropriate Printing Medium

Most interior designers would agree that inspiring wall art compositions tend to combine a range of print types. So if the prints you already have are all classic framed photos, how about adding some unconventional wall decor to mix it up a little? Here’s what you need to know about the latest print formats:

Using Personalized Prints in Home Design

Poster Prints

Recent advances in printing techniques have given a new lease of life to a DIY decorating classic: the poster. What was once only considered fit for teen bedrooms is increasingly used as a component of sophisticated interior design schemes. The best providers offer poster prints on real photo paper, guaranteeing rich colors and superb durability. Another advantage of posters is their versatility – custom posters look great next to almost any other kind of wall art.

Using Personalized Prints in Home Design

Canvas Prints

When a decor scheme calls for quirky wall art, nothing works better than canvas prints – they’re arty and substantial, with a timeless appeal. Thanks to their slightly textured surface, canvas prints add pastel overtones to photo reproductions without losing their crisp resolution. 

When it comes to incorporating personalized prints into your home design, art printing is an essential aspect to consider. With Gelato’s art printing services, you can bring your favorite artworks to life and create a captivating ambiance in your living space.

The combination of a vintage feel with contemporary printing quality makes canvas the perfect printing substrate for informal design schemes with a bohemian feel.

Metal Prints

Looking for a more contemporary wall art format for a minimalist or industrial living space? Then consider metal prints – with their sleek and glossy surface they’ll blend perfectly into any bold modern design scheme. You can display metal prints as stand-alone items or hang them next to other wall art pieces with a contemporary look.

Metal prints also provide unbeatable durability, so if there are inquisitive toddlers or marauding pets in your home, these scratch-resistant prints should be your first choice.

Complete the Effect with Custom Accessories

Wall art will serve as the natural focal point of your design scheme – but attention to detail is everything here. If you want to offset your main wall art feature with some smaller pieces that complement the room’s decor, personalized accessories can work very well. Here are some ideas for livening up your home with custom decor elements:

Using Personalized Prints in Home Design

Home Textiles

Textile furnishings make up a big part of any home’s character. And customized photo printing means you can create genuinely unique cushions, towels, and blankets – the high quality of modern print performance ensures crisp resolution, vibrant colors, and great durability. To get the best results, try mixing personalized items with regular home textiles in the same palette. 


Personalized mugs are ever-popular custom photo products – fun, practical, and affordable too. And a mug with a well-chosen design can make a surprisingly effective interior design element. If your mugs are intended for display, it’s best to choose high-resolution pictures with restrained color schemes.

Using Personalized Prints in Home Design

Photo Blocks

Quite a recent innovation in custom printing, photo blocks represent a unique approach to interior decorating. Buy a few of these free-standing decor items and you can rearrange them into fresh photo combinations any time you like. Photo blocks are ideal for people who aren’t comfortable with drilling and hammering, but they also work great in combination with wall art.

Photo blocks come in a range of different designs depending on which printing provider you choose, but our favorites are the ones at CanvasDiscount.com – made from gleaming acrylic glass, they achieve a mesmerizing 3D effect.

Last Word on Personalized Home Design

In this image-saturated world, photography has become one of our most important means of expression – and that applies to interior design too. Thanks to recent developments in the printing industry, you can create personalized photo displays suited to almost any design scheme. All you need to do is pick the right images and the perfect print mediums to suit.