If you’re looking for a memorable vacation that transports you into a life of luxury, planning a trip to Majorca is a great choice. This Balearic island close to the Spanish coast is also called “Mallorca.” It’s a popular vacation destination for people all around the world.

Those looking to plan a trip may wonder how to make the most of their experience. Read on for some advice that will get you more excited about your island vacation than ever before.

1. Choose the Right Time of the Year

Majorca is a vacation destination with consistently beautiful weather. It has an average 87° F high in the summertime and 67° F in the summertime. You can enjoy it at any point in the year, but you might want to make your decision based on the kind of weather you prefer.

Summer’s heat makes it the best time for swimming, but sightseers and wanderers may prefer the slightly cooler warmth of winter. You don’t want to hike or bike in the hot summer temperatures. Spring and autumn months are generally happy mediums when it comes to the weather.

Springtime and autumn are especially great for those who don’t want to deal with crowds. Beaches and attractions get extremely packed in the summer months. It also will cost more to fly at more popular times, which is something to keep in mind.

2. Determine the Timeframe for Your Trip to Majorca

It’s important that your trip to Majorca is at least a week long. You could theoretically drive around the island in a few days, but you wouldn’t have time to sightsee or shop. You certainly wouldn’t have time to enjoy the beautiful beaches!

Take as much time as possible to enjoy the island. There are beaches, caves, calas, and scenic points to enjoy. You’ll also want to visit villages to talk with locals, shop, and eat.

Also, make sure that you plan for jet lag. You probably can power through a lot of the trip, but leave yourself a day in the beginning to rest and relax. This can refresh you and help you enjoy the rest of your trip as much as possible.

3. Choose the Cheapest Flights

Once you know when you’re going and how long you’re staying, it’s time to look into flights to Majorca. Even if you have a high trip budget, traveling inexpensively will leave you more money for attractions and shopping. Make sure that you plan smart by:

  • Booking your flights over a week in advance
  • Using discount airlines like Southwest and JetBlue
  • Setting flight alerts on Google for specific budget ranges
  • Looking for airline specials and discounts online
  • Using flight miles and travel credits when possible

Finding the cheapest possible flights will take a little work, but it’s well worth it for those who want to splurge on the best food and attractions in Majorca.

4. Find a Hotel

Hotels are one of the things you’re going to want to splurge on. Resorts are beautiful, and having nice places to sleep and rest up can make your trip exponentially better.

Once you have a flight and set travel dates, it’s time to find a hotel. You’ll want something simple but comfortable. Prioritize location so you can get to important locations (and enjoy scenic window views). You’ll definitely want to go all over the island, so browse cool hotels in Majorca in multiple locations. Some are perfect for bikers while others are adults-only, so you can choose hotels based on what you value during your trip.

5. Rent a Car While Traveling

Caves and cliffs are explorable without cars. Guided tours exist and can take you to the most famous tourist destinations. 

Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tour that takes you to Majorca’s most beautiful hidden gems. Without a car, you would miss out on gorgeous back roads and smaller quaint villages. Public transit is also irritating and unreliable, so you will definitely want a car to make the most of your trip.

Make sure to book a vehicle in advance so you don’t miss out. You can even get it right after getting off the plane. Small cars are generally better because of the narrow roads in some villages and attractions.

6. Choose Amazing Activities

Whether you’re going to Majorca for a honeymoon or a family vacation, you don’t want to miss out on the best activities there. Some must-see locations include:

  • Puerto Portals seaside resort
  • The beaches of Llucmajor (near the capital)
  • Soller and the gorgeous seaside scenery it offers
  • The Catedral de Mallorca in the capital city Palma de Mallorca
  • Alcudia’s old town
  • The historic town of Arta
  • The mountains and their peak views (that you can reach on foot or by bike)

Majorca Spain

Majorca is filled with amazing natural and man-made beauty. The beaches and the history work together to make the country what it is. Make sure that your planned activities are diverse, though you definitely can spend multiple days relaxing at the beachside!

7. Don’t Over-plan

While it’s tempting to jam-pack your schedule to experience everything, it’s important to avoid doing this. An overpacked schedule leaves no time for detours, and you’ll miss out on some amazing hidden gems. You want a cushion between attractions so you can do interesting things that you learn about while in the area.

Overplanning can also create a lot of stress for you. You’ll feel like you can’t do things and get frustrated with the limitations that you have placed on yourself. You also likely will be exhausted because of a lack of downtime, which is common among rookie travelers.

Be flexible and go with the flow. Leave a few days completely free of pre-planned activities. It will make you feel better rested and eliminate the anxiety of constantly being on the go.

Get Ready for the Vacation of a Lifetime

There are hundreds of beautiful tourist destinations around the world, but Majorca is popular for a good reason. Its natural beauty and rich culture are one of a kind, and your experience will stay with you forever.