The brains behind e-cigarettes in 2003 didn’t expect or predict the future of their inventions. Back then, the community was awash with smoking and tobacco, and people could smoke in their workplaces and public spaces. Surprisingly, e-cigarettes and vapes evolved and became mainstream only a few years later, with most users associating it with prestige and fashion.

The vaping industry exploded in 2010, which led to new inventions. While simple e-cigarettes were still available, the vaping symbol and devices changed to complex vaporizers. More manufacturers came in, and new models with better efficiency, power, and luxurious appeal were introduced. Vaping products became large and better equipped, and the options increased.

Today, you can purchase portable and rechargeable vaping products. They are also available in different forms, including pens, hookahs, sticks, and mod kits. Mod kits are specifically designed to give users the luxury of customizing their vaping experience.

Modern Vapes Rhyming with Luxury

As mentioned, the demand and popularity of vaping increased at an astonishing pace. Similarly, the demand for unique and high-quality vape products is palpable. This is due to many factors, among them being effective marketing campaigns employed by manufacturers and distributors like Prime Supply Distro, especially targeting the young generation. 

Millennials view vaping as a way of self-expression. In their quest to set themselves apart, millennials want to demonstrate a unique lifestyle of success. This population prefers specific clothing lines, has unique tattoos, and shops for extraordinary furniture. The presence of vaping articles in Vogue magazine is a clear indication of fashion.

However, Forbes educating readers on the vape mods’ safety shows that vaping is currently something that wealthy people have adopted as a personal style. E-cigarettes have largely become democratized. However, modern e-cigarettes are branded and categorized among luxury products that symbolize social status.

Truthfully, some vapes and electronic smoking devices have a stylish and sophisticated appeal. They are available in a myriad of sizes and shapes and are designed to suit different users. It shouldn’t be a surprise that some are made from exotic woods, acrylic marble, and many other glamorous materials.

Most popular brands of e-cigarettes retail at $60 to $200. These vapes significantly differ from the $350 options, which allow a great degree of customizability. High-end e-cigarettes are easier to use, have more features, are powerful, and deliver exceptional performance. Some vaping devices, such as the Duke SX, cost as much as $800.

Is Luxury Vaping Worth the Money?

Like designer clothes, jewels, and luxury cars, people are willing to spend money on luxury vapes and premium e-liquids. However, are luxury vape mod kits worth the hype? Unfortunately, knowing whether luxury vapes are worth or just a marketing hype is difficult, especially in the current era of social media, celebrities, and influencers.

The current overly digital world makes it easy for anything to trend or go viral. If a celebrity or social media influencer starts vaping, it won’t go unnoticed. The headlines that came after Leonardo DiCaprio used a vape pen during the SAG awards are a perfect example. Sienna Miller, Kate Perry, and other celebrities also joined the list, making vaping a cool and luxury hobby for many of their followers.

Celebrities also joined the manufacturing space, with Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and A$ap Rocky releasing their branded vaping devices. Musicians similarly featured these products in their videos, further spreading awareness. While celebrity influence might be a marketing gimmick and has a slight influence on purchase decisions, vaping appeals to a bigger population for different reasons. They include:

A safer alternative to smoking

Though inconclusive, public health records suggest that vaping is better than smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful chemical blends, including over 70 carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and highly toxic heavy metals. Conversely, while vape mods vary between brands, they don’t contain nasty and hazardous chemicals.

Cigarette smoking emits thousands of chemicals, while vaping has a few hundred. Most e-liquids contain glycerol and propylene glycol, which are harmless when inhaled. Their levels are also low to be considered harmful.

Rich people’s hobby

Most thrill-seekers also tried vaping, especially competitive vaping or cloud chasing. You’ve probably seen videos of vaping pros performing tricks with vapes. Cloud chasing is a competitive sport that is becoming as popular as vaping itself. Interestingly, cloud-chasing tournaments are organized professionally with competing teams, vaping fans, event sponsors, and judges. This has drawn more people into the lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is the new cool

Some users also prefer vaping for their health reasons. Leading a healthy life is currently becoming the new cool. The media has highly cultivated the image of a healthy and strong-looking person. Most people have now enrolled in gyms, follow a specific diet, or use alternative methods of keeping fit, such as acupuncture and massages. Since a healthy lifestyle detests harmful habits, those who quit smoking switch to vaping, which is a safer option.

Vaping made smoking uncool

The popularity and cool nature of vaping have made smoking uncool. The traditional trend of models puffing cigarette smoke on runways and cover pages of lifestyle magazines is fading. Nowadays, models pose with vapes on runways, backstage, and fashion photos. Vapes are now used as a fashion accessory.

Rise of smart vaping devices

Millennials always get intrigued by anything technological. Smart vapes go beyond the traditional e-cigarette design. They come with sensors, communication devices, and interesting software that allow users to control and customize them to suit their needs. For instance, you can adjust the intensity and temperature of vapor to enhance your vaping experience.

Smart vapes also allow users to control their nicotine intake. Sensors in their packaging update users about nicotine levels and usage patterns in real time. You can use this data to regulate your vaping habits and control nicotine consumption. AI-enabled vapes can track individual preferences, such as type of e-liquid, duration of the vaping session, temperature, and intensity of the vapor, to provide a user-friendly experience.


The popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes has grown extraordinarily. There’s also an increasing demand for quality products and better vape mods. Unlike smoking, vaping is presumably a cool hobby, and some vaping products are associated with luxury.