Are you planning on going camping or hiking through the woods for an extended period of time? If you are, you need to ensure that you are bringing a survival kit. Should anything go wrong, the survival kit will allow you to get by for a few days while help comes to you. Here are some of the things that you must include in your own survival kit.

A Hunting Knife

If you end up stranded in the wilderness for a few days, a knife will help you survive and get through the days that much easier. A knife is fantastic because it has many different uses. Firstly, it can be used as a form of defense if you find yourself attacked by any animals. Next, a knife will allow you to skin bark off trees or even cut off small branches. The experts recommend strong bushcraft knives as they can take a beating while still staying sharp. In addition to those two things, knives can also help skin animals or fish if you have caught them, and finally can be used to help start a fire. If your survival kit does not have a knife, you are not prepared.


Water is essential for anyone to survive. After only a few days of not having water, your body will begin to shut off and die. That is why no survival kit is complete without the most important survival piece, water. Stick in a gallon or two of water and remember to ration it carefully if you need to use it. While it would be great to carry more, water does get heavy so find the perfect amount for you to take.


After water, the next thing you need to survive is food. While you can hunt and fish for food out in the wilderness, you might have a day where you are unlucky. Having a small number of rations will allow you to get through the days where you are unable to get food, buying you valuable time in any wilderness situation. Like water, don’t pack too much as food as you will need other things in your kit.

flashlight for survival kit

A Flashlight

When night falls, you have to be able to see and identify what is around you. This is where a flashlight becomes mandatory. Find one with multiple settings, from a strong concentrated beam to a wide field of vision. This can allow you to focus on something when you need to, while also seeing everything around you.

Battery or Hand Crank Powered Radio

If you are out in the wilderness, you have to know what weather to expect to prepare accordingly. If they call for heavy rain, you might need to make some extra preparations for your tent or shelter to ensure that you stay dry at night. Without a radio, you might be guessing what the weather will be, and this can result in you wasting a ton of energy for no reason.


If you are bringing electronics that run off of batteries, you need to make sure that you are bringing replacements. The last thing you want is for your radio to die or flashlight to die in an important situation. While you might not need them, it is better to be prepared with a set of batteries than not to have one at all.

Personal Document Copies

If you are truly in an emergency, people need to know who to contact, especially if you are found unconscious. Not only that, if you need medical attention and have underlying conditions, these documents will let the rescuers know so they can respond accordingly to whatever you are going through. However, don’t bring the originals with you, so make sure you go to a photocopier beforehand.

Emergency Blanket

Hypothermia affects many people who end up stranded in the wild and is one of the most responsible for deaths. By having an emergency blanket with you, you can survive much colder temperatures and give yourself the heat you need at night. You will need to stay warm and keep your energy up; a blanket will help with this.

These are all important items that you have to pack in your survival kit. Now you might be thinking that you will never be in a situation like this, but if one day you do find yourself in one, wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Take time each day to check on the kit and add to it as necessary and change out the food and water periodically to ensure that it is fresh. What do you plan on putting in your survival kit?