Occasionally, someone might find that their addiction to drugs or alcohol has hit a breaking point, and they need to do something about it if they’re to continue living a happy, meaningful life. For many, this next step is rehab. But then, the general perception of rehab has been skewed by reality shows like Celebrity Rehab, and by people making light of people like Lindsay Lohan who seem to be in and out of rehab every few months. For this reason, many people are apprehensive about entering rehab, as the media has made it out to be one big joke.

This is far from reality as thousands of Americans find valuable help at rehabilitation centers every year. Finding the right one to overcome addiction is another matter entirely, but the benefits of rehab are undeniable once you understand exactly what the goals of a rehabilitation center are.

Let’s go over what a good rehab center does to a person, shall we?

Restructure to a Life Without Drugs

Most people have certain triggers when it comes to their addictions. Stressful day? Glass of wine. Dinner? Glass of wine. Bored? Glass of wine. This structuring of someone‚Äôs life to revolve around drugs or alcohol becomes so ingrained that it’s hard to break free of the cycle. By going to rehab like the luxury drug rehab in Hawaii, that person can press the reset button on their daily routine to one where drugs don’t factor in whatsoever. It’s one thing to kick a habit; it’s another to stay on the wagon.

Become More In Tune With Your Body

An addict will rationalize addiction in strange ways, sometimes to the point of assuming that any issues with the body or mind have to do with the consumption of drugs instead of say, dehydration. Spending time in these recovery centers is an opportunity for the body to get clean and stay clean for prolonged periods. By kicking a drug habit out the door for good, someone knows that whatever is happening with them isn’t due to the absence of their drug of choice. By returning to a more natural state of being, a person is more able to keep themselves healthy and address any outstanding issues with their physical needs.

Happiness Will Return

Drugs hijack the pleasure centers of the brain, effectively making drugs the only way to activate those pleasure centers. Happiness becomes tied to drug consumption and not too-meaningful things like friendships, getting a promotion at work, or checking in on the family. By removing drugs from your life, the pleasure centers in your brain operate how they’re supposed to, and your body will reward you with dopamine and other feel-good chemicals when you actually do meaningful things in life, as opposed to just when you spark a joint once you get off of work.

Much, Much More

Those reasons are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to having a more stable life. Truly, I could fill a book with all of the positive habits rehabs can instill. Before rehab, someone has too many negative habits that are affecting their happiness and functioning. After rehab, it can be like waking up as a new person.