Sooner or later, everyone familiar with the gambling world thinks about how to create an online casino. And that is great! After all, the more people decide to open an online casino, the more opportunities to have a good time people have.

The best methods to create online casinos

There are many options on how to open an online casino. Some methods require less financial expenses but more time. Others imply a general development without investment. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, buying a ready-made soft is the fastest way, but it requires a careful approach to choosing the right soft creator. If you are looking for the best online poker software for sale, you should contacts EvenBet gaming.

Creating an online casino should begin by choosing your path as the owner of the gambling business. Let’s see which road is best to go to.

Turnkey Casino

It is probably one of the most common ways to create a casino. People resort to it because they understand what a tremendous amount of work is behind the launch of a gambling project. Therefore, there are so many offers on the Internet. Many companies offer the software component and various additional services: marketing support, connection to a large call center with experienced support staff, etc.

The cost starts at $ 20,000. And it can be much higher. But, as we have said, in a package with such a ready-made business, you get everything you need, and you can start even tomorrow.


The second most popular method is to open an online casino franchise. This approach’s essence is that you open a land-based casino or decide to create a site of slot machines under the name of a famous/successful brand. The franchise’s main advantage is that the casino’s name is well-known among gamblers, and they easily trust your money. But there are also other benefits:

  • You get from the franchise all the necessary software.
  • You do not need to get a license to open a casino online because creating an online casino with a franchise involves working under permission to operate.
  • All player requests are sent to the leading company’s support service, and you do not need to handle them yourself.

As in the case of buying a turnkey casino, you can open an online casino with a franchise with significant savings in time and energy.

Casino Script

The casino script is considered perhaps the most comfortable and cheapest way to open an online casino. This is a ready-to-play gaming platform that can be integrated into the site. In theory, it sounds good, but in practice creating an online casino in this way does not always work.

The script is a fresh product, and often, it needs to be developed a lot. Only start-up entrepreneurs who know about programming can do a quality job. Of course, you can give this task to an outsourcing company, but then the cost will be comparable to a fully finished casino purchase.