The sport of horse racing is always finding new ways of offering luxurious experiences at their racecourses for those who are looking for an extra special day.

Here is a look at how you can make your next trip to a racecourse luxurious.

Royal Ascot Is a Must-Visit

There is no race meeting in the world more luxurious than Royal Ascot. The five-day event is renowned for its fashion, and hospitality packages and for hosting the best racehorses on the planet. It is also attended every year by the royal family in the UK.

One of the feature races of the week is the Commonwealth Cup where Vandeek is the 3/1 favorite for those looking to place a racing bet in 2024. The prestigious contest comes on Friday, many racegoers’ favorite day of the week at Royal Ascot.

As you can see from the horse race results, there have previously been horses from Australia, France, Germany, and the USA at Royal Ascot, and many racing fans traveled across from those countries for the meeting. Many did so to enjoy the hospitality at Ascot, where you can book fine dining from Michelin-star chefs, separating it from any other racecourse in the world.

If you are looking for something more private for your group of friends, you can hire a box at Ascot in the main grandstand. These offer a fantastic view of the course, and you are positioned in the home straight in front of the finish line.

Purchase Your Own Racehorse

There is no better way of arriving at a racecourse as an owner of a horse. You get access to parts of the racecourse that would normally be out of bounds, such as the paddock, parade area, and owners’ lounge.

As an owner, you get to name your horse, you choose the colors and design of the silks that your jockey wears and your name is listed in the racecard. Shares of prize money and trophies that your horse wins will go directly to you.

Although it is the trainer who prepares your horse for the racecourse, you can have your input on which races you’d like to see it enter, so you ensure you have participation in some of the most luxurious race meetings across the horse racing calendar.

Travel In Style

Many racecourses are working on luxurious ways racegoers can get to their racecourse. At the Cheltenham Festival in March, you can book a place on a steam train that drops you directly at the racecourse. This private service ensures you avoid the traffic from Cheltenham station to the racecourse. If you want to go a step further than this, some racegoers choose to book a helicopter which lands in the centre of the racecourse.

At Windsor, a racecourse that has royal status, you can take a boat from the town center to the racetrack. This is one of the most scenic journeys you are likely to take anywhere in the world on your way to a day at the races.

Enjoy your next visit to the races, and hopefully, you can make it as luxurious as possible to ensure it is an experience to remember.