Fleas can be a tough nuisance to get rid of. They are annoying, and they make your dog’s fur all itchy. If you have a dog that is constantly scratching its neck, then you should read this blog post about how to get rid of them. We will go over ways to prevent fleas as well as some treatment options that will help keep the pesky little creatures away from your pup.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Make sure you brush all areas of their body, even those hard-to-reach spots behind the ears and between their toes. This is important because it can help stop an infestation early on by removing as many fleas from the dog’s coat before they have a chance to lay eggs.

Keep Your Yard Free of Debris

You may not always have time to do this chore, but your dog will thank you. Keeping your yard tidy and free of debris includes clearing brush piles or leaves where fleas might be able to lay eggs. A deep clean of your backyard will help deter fleas from coming back.

Try Using Natural Remedies for Fleas

Garlic and apple cider vinegar are natural remedies that have been shown to ward off fleas and keep them away from your dog. 

You can also use natural essential oils to do the trick if you are worried about harsh chemicals for your dog. There are several flea repellant oils that will keep the insects away. They will also help deter ticks if you live in a place where those critters show up. 

To use these remedies, just rub the dog’s fur with either garlic, ACV, or oils as often as needed.

Wash Your Dog’s Bedding and Toys Once a Week

Your dog will spend a lot of time lounging on his or her bed, so it’s important to wash their blankets and toys once a week in very hot water. Doing this can help kill flea eggs that might be present on the dog’s items as well as any living fleas from taking up residence.

Give Your Pet a Bath Every Month

Flea shampoo will kill the eggs and larvae that are present on their coat.  It also gives them a nice, clean smell.  Make sure to use dog shampoo and not human shampoo. Human shampoos can have chemicals that are harmful to your dog’s skin.  

Use Flea Collars, Sprays, or Dips for Protection

Flea collars are a great way to keep fleas off of your dog while they’re out in the yard or on walks. You can also use sprays and dips for treatments that will last up to four weeks inside your dog’s home.  

If you use a spray or dip for your dog, you want to make sure you give it time to dry before petting, approaching, or letting the dog go outside.

Do not forget about treating yourself. When you have been around pets with fleas, you can also get these pesky critters on your clothes or in your hair. If you have been outside or in the dog’s bed, make sure to take a shower as soon as possible.

Vacuum the House as Often as Possible

This is a great way to get rid of fleas as well. You can vacuum dog beds, carpets, furniture, and even your dog’s toy box for any live bugs that might be present. Vacuuming will also help remove eggs from the carpet or upholstery where they may have been lying since you last washed the dog.  

If you use a vacuum bag with insecticides, it will prevent the fleas that survive from breeding in the bag to spread all over your house again. Use a model of vacuum that allows you to get into tiny spaces where fleas can also hide.

Keep Your Cat Inside If You Have One

Cats are a big cause of infestations with fleas. If you have a cat, make sure you keep it inside your house so they don’t bring them home on their fur. Cats jump and crawl into unexpected places and are more likely to bring fleas home from outside than dogs are.

Cats also tend to groom themselves less often which means they’re more likely to shed fleas when they do finally.

preventing fleas on your dog

Store Food in Sealed Containers so It Doesn’t Attract Pests

If your dog spends a lot of time indoors, make sure to store your dog’s food in sealed containers. Fleas are attracted to pet food, so this is an important step. 

Now that you are armed with some tips on how to combat fleas, it’s time for a happy ending. Remember your pet is a part of your family and deserves a healthy life free from pests. Keep up these simple steps and soon enough all those tiny, pesky bugs will be gone.