The home is where we eventually retire after a long and strenuous day. Because of this, it needs to be a space where you can easily let go of all the pressures of the day, kick back and relax. What’s more, it should be a place where the whole family meets to share quality time.

There are many ways people can turn their homes into a hub of happiness, joy, serenity, and relaxation. Think of big windows that let in plenty of natural light, bringing in a piece of nature through indoor plants, or having more space and less clutter through minimalism.

Another interesting concept that is gaining a lot of popularity in home design is the use of crystals. These come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, meaning that they can be incorporated into any size of living space. What’s more, some even come with healing properties.

Let’s take a look at this impressive new design and find out how we can make our living space even better through the use of crystals:

Understanding the Different Types of Crystals


This is one of the most popular types of crystals. It has a deep purple color and is used to signify truth, clarity, and honesty. It is the perfect stone to have in your living room where guests, as well as the rest of the family, meet up. Among other things, you can wear Amethyst as jewelry such as positive energy rings and necklaces for protection against daily negativity and toxicity. You can also use this property of the Amethyst by placing the stone around the house as meaningful home decor. It helps to create a sense of well-being, positivity, and comfort in your home.

Black Tourmaline

This stone has some stunning features with its dark color and translucent nature. It is used to sieve out negativity. Because of this, it is a great stone for placing near the entrance of your home. It can help block out negative and dark energy from getting into your home and affecting everyone inside.


Another stone that you may want to consider for your bedroom decoration is selenite. It features warm white hues that symbolize serenity, peace, and harmony. Find a spot that you most like to spend your time on, such as on the dresser or in front of the mirror to enjoy the amazing effects of selenite.


Unlike selenite, shungite is a dark gray stone. It is great at blocking electromagnetic waves. Because of this, it makes a perfect stone for decorating the living room, especially near the television stand. Place it on units with contrasting colors to make it stand out.

Rose Quartz

There is a reason rose quartz is referred to as the crystal of love. It has a soft pink hue that signifies undying love. Because of this, it makes a great stone for decorating the bedroom where both you and your partner share intimate moments.

Orange Calcite

While calcite can come in multiple colors, including emerald, the orange calcite is a great symbol of light and power. This makes it an ideal stone for dissipating darkness. Many people prefer to place orange calcite in the kitchen to offer that feeling of rejuvenation and nourishment.

Feng Shui nature theme altar at home table and on window sill.

How to Incorporate the Crystals in Your Home

The options given above are by no means the only way to incorporate the various crystals into your home. There are plenty of other ways you can explore based on your liking and imagination.

For instance, you can put the crystals next to house plants, or place them on the dining table or in the kitchen.

Before deciding on how to use crystals, you must choose the ones that you find most appealing in terms of color as well as healing properties.

Here are some ideas on how to best use them in your home.

1. Placing Crystals Along the Windowsill

If you love the idea of having colored light flowing straight onto your living room, try placing different colored crystals along the windowsill. When the light shines through the window, it will flow through the crystals making the room look magical. You may even choose colors that complement your home décor.

2. Make the Crystal Glow

Another way to make the crystals come alive is to use light either behind or underneath the crystal. Start by choosing a crystal with a color that you would like to see in your living area. After picking a perfect spot, place a light that will shine through the crystal to provide a stunning glow. To ensure that the light doesn’t clash with the color of the crystal, it is best to use white light.

3. Crystals For The End Table

This is another way you can place crystals in your living room to complement the color scheme. If you enjoy feminine purple, try placing large amethyst crystals on the end table. They can help provide the entire living area with a feeling of clarity and honesty.

4. Bedside Lamps

Another way to enjoy the power of your crystals is to place them on your bedside table. You can then put a light underneath the crystal, allowing its full color to shine in the dark. A stone such as orange calcite could also provide the perfect orange light. You can also choose selenite if you prefer a whiter glow.

5. Desktop Crystals

There is no denying that work can be stressful. For your home office, you can use more relaxing and soothing crystals as paperweights. Selenite is an excellent example of this. Another alternative is to place a single large crystal on one side of the desk, providing you with the energy to continue working.

6. Hang Them as Pendants

Are you the type who is more in touch with the natural side of things? If so, you may just want to hang your crystals as pendants around the house. You can use netting and also incorporate décor items such as feathers.

Final Thoughts

Using crystals for your home décor can be an exciting way to spruce up the look of your living area. Crystals such as selenite provide peace and serenity while amethyst is known for its purple color, signifying clarity and honesty. Orange calcite, on the other hand, is a great stone for signifying rejuvenation. Whether it’s the windowsill, the TV stand, or the bedside table, crystals can change the mood of your home while also improving the aesthetics of your living space.